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Its the only indirect steam cooking system with automatic temperature control. No part of the pot ever registers a temperature over 105 C, avoiding the danger of carbonisation or partial combustion of food. And thanks to the indirect use of steam, no valuable substances are ever lost. The whole flavour and prime nutrients remain intact.

The secret of the operation lies in the original, patented system with which they are made. There is a cavity for water between the two walls of the pot.

When the pot is put on the stove, the flame heats the outside bottom, bringing the water contained in the cavity to boiling. The water, when it boils, produce steam, which in turns heats the inside wall of the pot where the food to be cooked is contained. Hence the food does not cook in direct contact with the flame, but only with the steam heat, kept constant at 105 C by the special control valve. With any flame, whether high or low, with or without lid, the internal temperature will always remain at the ideal level to cook any type of food.

The gravity regulated valve keeps a constant temperatures inside the pot. With its hiss it disperses all excess steam and signals that we should turn down the temperature of the stove with obvious saving of energy.


  8 litres, 237 Euros
  in a carton 45 x 35 x 35 cm, weighing 5 kilos with packing.

 18 litres, 406 Euros

 40 litres, 750 Euros


with 1" outlet valve:-

 18 litres, 30 cm diameter, 6.3 kilos, 645 Euros

 26 litres, 40 cm diameter, 920 Euros

 40 litres, 40 cm diameter, 1024 Euros


Professional models with 14 kWatt gas heater:-
    the gas heater has a safety valve and lighter.

     Included is a 0.18 kWatt 230 Volt stirrer/mixer.

        36 litres capacity, 2645 Euros

        73 litres capacity, 2960 Euros

      115 litres capacity, 3384 Euros

               Weighs 80 kilos, 100 x 100 x 125 cm !

      230 litres capacity, 4679 Euros

      330 litres capacity, 5279 Euros

      390 litres capacity, 5875 Euros


Professional models with electric heater:-

stainless steel (AISI 304) double wall with glycerine filling, 1.25" outlet, 380 volt tubular heating element, adjustable temperature setting from 5 to 220 C.

      120 litres capacity, 8 kWatt, 2890 Euros

      150 litres capacity, 11 kWatt, 3140 Euros

Free standing Mixer for use with the electric cooking pots, 15 revolutions/minute, 1120 Euros

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