Winegrowers Supplies  -  Soil analysis and nutrient requirements for vines

How to take soil samples:-

Samples should be taken at two depths, 0 to 30 cms and 30 to 60 cms, they must be analysed separately.


Soil pH:-

The ideal pH is 6.5 which is slightly acidic; neutral being 7.0

It's easy to make an acid soil less acidic, simply by adding limestone or preferably magnesium limestone.

It's very difficult to make an alkaline soil less alkaline, but fortunately vines will grow well in limestone/chalk soils up to pH 8.4

Ideal nutrient levels in the soil:-

The most important nutrients for vines are:-

N = Nitrogen

P = Phosphorus

K = Potassium

Mg = Magnesium

B = Boron

For vines the ideal levels of these nutrients are different from general farming soil 'indexes'.