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  5C (Teleki)

Adapts to a wide range of soil types, but is not suitable for extremely dry soils. Suitable for all vine varieties in good fertile reasonably well drained soils.
Prefers a slightly finer soil than SO4. In nutrient rich soils it is a little more vigorous than SO4.

Much less tolerant of calcareous soils than SO4, Binova, 5BB or 125AA are; will tolerate up to 30% total limestone, 15% or less active limestone (Geisenheim clones of 5C are specified to be 'limestone resistant'). It is susceptible to chlorosis.

It is particularly good for Riesling, Burgunder and Traminer types and for varieties which are sensitive in flowering.
It is more frost-resistant than 5BB and the wood ripens earlier.