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Canadice - Seedless

Mother: Bath
Father: Himrod

Year of breeding: 1954, selected in 1962; known originally as NY 45625.
Country of origin: USA: New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University, Geneva, NY 14456.


The level of disease resistance and winter hardiness is much greater than with the other New York seedless grape releases. It appears that Canadice will perform well in locations in which Concord vines will grow.

It has performed satisfactorily at many locations throughout north-eastern North America.

Own rooted vines are strong growing, and a spray programme which will control diseases for Concord vines is adequate for Canadice. Flowers are perfect, the clusters are large, cylindrical, and somewhat compact. The berries are pink to light red and medium in size. Because of the compact clusters, gibberellin treatment is not recommended for Canadice.

The fruit ripens early, and the flavour is distinctly but not overpoweringly labrusca. Many people have compared the flavour and appearance of Canadice to that of Delaware, a high quality native grape variety. Canadice is a 'slipskin', but its skin is tender and edible. 
It has performed very well in storage tests, maintaining quality for 4 months in storage with post-harvest sulphur dioxide fumigation.