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Dakapo  (originally known as Gm 7225-8)

Mother: Deckrot
Father: Portugieser

Year of breeding: 1972
Country of origin: Germany
Breeder/License holder: Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim / Rheingau,
                                 Institut für Rebenzüchtung und Rebenveredlung
Number of clones: 0

Year of entry into the German Federal Office's Varieties Register: not yet
Area planted in Germany: hectares
Area planted in England (as at August 2004): 0 hectares

Wine Character - colour: deep red
                      - bouquet: 
                      - palate: a full-bodied strong red wine, in 'southern' style.


Time of bud-burst: 

Strength of growth: medium-strong, upright
Growth of side-shoots: low

Flowering time: 
Flowering strength: high

Leaf: - size:                                    - shape: 
        - colour: 
        - surface undulation:                - petiolar sinus: 

Grape bunch: - size:                         - density: 
Berries:        - size:                         - shape: 
                   - skin colour: 

Time of veraison: 
Time of harvest: (similar to Pinot Noir)

Grape yield: high
Must-acidity: low

Wood ripening: (similar to Pinot Noir)
Winter hardiness: high (significantly better than Portugieser)
Wood colour: 

Chlorosis resistance: 
Susceptibility to - Oidium:                          - Peronospora: 
                       - Botrytis:                         - Roter Brenner: 
                       - Phomopsis                      - Stem-atrophy: 

Preferred soil: any soils suitable for viticulture
Suitable rootstocks: SO4, 5C, 125AA and 5BB and Borner

Normal stem height: 
Normal row spacing: 
Vine spacing in the row: 
     Normal and wide-planting training systems are possible.

Winter Pruning: maximum 10 eyes/buds per sq. metre of land occupied by the plant.

Advantages: Potentially good for English vineyards.