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Saphira  (originally known as Gm 7815-1)

Mother: Arnsburger
Father: Seyve-Villard 1-72

A white Piwi/disease-resistant variety.

Year of breeding: 1978 by Professor Dr. Helmut Becker
Country of origin: Germany
Breeder/License holder: Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim / Rheingau, Institut für Rebenzüchtung und Rebenveredlung.
Number of clones:

Year of entry into the German Federal Office's Varieties Register: 
Area planted in Germany in 2015:  6 hectares
Area planted in England:

Wine Character:
         - colour:  yellow-green to yellow
         - bouquet:  neutral, good aroma
         - palate:  in the style of Pinot blanc or Auxerrois but more fruity, full bodied.


Time of bud-burst: 

Strength of growth:  strong, upright
Growth of side-shoots:  very low

Flowering time:  early to middle
Flowering strength:  high

        - size:  medium
        - shape:  three lobed
        - colour:  green with red flecks
        - surface undulation:  low to middle
        - petiolar sinus:  open

Grape bunch:
        - size:  medium
        - density:  medium
        - size:  small to medium
        - shape:  kugel form
        - skin colour:  yellow

Time of veraison:  middle to late
Time of harvest:  middle to late

Grape yield:  middle to high
Must-weight:  middle to high
Must-acidity:  high

Wood ripening:  early and very high
Winter hardiness:  medium to high
Wood colour:  red-brown

Chlorosis resistance: 
Resistance against:
      - Oidium:  medium to high
      - Peronospora:  high
      - Botrytis:  medium
      - Roter Brenner: 
      - Phomopsis 
      - Stem-atrophy: 

Preferred soil: 
Suitable rootstocks: 

Normal stem height: 
Normal row spacing:
Vine spacing in the row: 

Winter Pruning:                      eyes/buds per sq. metre of land occupied by the plant.

Advantages:  can achieve high ripeness, with good acidity so may be very good for Sparkling Wine.