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Sauvignon Blanc


Country of origin: a very old variety
Year of breeding: 
Breeder/License holder: 
Number of clones: 

Area planted in England: has been grown successfully in polytunnels in the North of England.

Sauvignon Blanc clones: information from New Zealand:-

Clone MS (UC-Davis 1, USA):-

Imported to New Zealand by Frank Berrysmith, from USA (UC-Davis) 1970. The import was from 2 vines at UC-D, one was positive for GLRaV-3 virus.
The New Zealand industry is based on this single clone or selection, which produces good crops of medium-sized bunches and berries. Bunches can be very tight and in some years Botrytis can be an issue.


Clone 242 (ENTAV-INRA, France):-

Medium fertility and medium bunch weight, medium sugar production. Produces aromatic and well balanced wines.

Clone 376 (ENTAV-INRA, France):-

Medium fertility and medium to low bunch weight, medium sugar production. Produces balanced wines within the type for the variety.

Clone 530 (ENTAV-INRA, France):-

Early maturing, medium to low production, and medium to low bunch weights, high sugar content. Wines are dry, aromatic and complete, but sometimes heavy.
Some grafting incompatibilities reported with 3309 rootstock.

French experts say that it is between 3 and 10 days earlier than the average clone, due to it's high sugar content; achieved mainly because of the comparatively low yield. The aroma develops at the same rate as other clones.

Clone 905 (ENTAV-INRA, France):-

More tolerant of Botrytis and other bunch rots. Medium fertility, bunch weight not specified, high sugar content. Produces very good sweet wines.


Wine Character - colour: 
                      - bouquet: 
                      - palate: 


Time of bud-burst: 

Strength of growth: 
Growth of side-shoots: 

Flowering time: 
Flowering strength: 

Leaf: - size:                                            - shape:
        - colour: 
        - surface undulation:                        - petiolar sinus: 

Grape bunch: - size: 
                   - density: 
Berries:        - size:                                 - shape: 
                   - skin colour: 

Time of veraison: 
Time of harvest: about the same time as Riesling.

Grape yield: 

Wood ripening: 
Winter hardiness: 
Wood colour: 

Chlorosis resistance: 
Susceptibility to - Oidium:                           - Peronospora: 
                       - Botrytis: 
                       - Roter Brenner: 
                       - Phomopsis:                     - Stem-atrophy: 

Preferred soil: 
Suitable rootstocks: 

Normal stem height: 
Normal row spacing: 
Vine spacing in the row: 

Winter Pruning:       eyes/buds per sq. metre of land occupied by the plant.