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Souvignier gris (originally known as Fr. 392-83)

Mother: Cabernet Sauvignon (Sauvignon blanc x Cabernet Franc)
Father: Bronner (Merzling x Gm 6494 (Zarya Severa x St. Laurent))

That was the parentage attributed to it by the breeder but DNA analysis carried out in 2014-2016 indicated that it is in fact Seyval x Zähringer.

A white Piwi/disease-resistant variety.

Year of breeding: 1983
Country of origin: Germany
Breeder/License holder: Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg, bred by Dr Norbert Becker.
Number of clones: Fr 420

Year of entry into the German Federal Office's Varieties Register: 2008, protected from 2012.
Area planted in Germany: increasing
Area planted in England: trial areas
Has been planted in Italy, France, Austria, Holland.

Wine Character - colour: yellow-green to yellow
                      - bouquet: fruity
                      - palate: full-bodied, neutral, fruity; an alternative to Pinot Gris

Time of bud-burst: early

Strength of growth: medium-strong
Growth of side-shoots: low to average

Flowering time: early to middle, a few days before Pinot Gris
Flowering strength: strong, coulure is very low

Leaf: - size: medium                  - shape: 3-lobed
        - colour: 
        - surface undulation:                - petiolar sinus:

Grape bunch: - size: medium-large     - density: medium to loose
Berries:        - size: medium    - shape: elongated cylindrical
                   - skin colour: rose but low in anthocyanins

Time of veraison: middle-late, about the same time as Pinot Gris or Pinot Blanc
Time of harvest: about the same time as Pinot Blanc

Grape yield: medium
Must-weight: medium to high
Must-acidity: medium

Wood ripening: high to very high
Winter hardiness: high
Wood colour: dark brown

Chlorosis resistance: 
Resistance against - Oidium: high              - Peronospora: very high
                           - Botrytis: average to high       - Roter Brenner: 
                           - Phomopsis                 - Stem-atrophy: very high

Preferred soil: 
Suitable rootstocks: 

Normal stem height: 
Normal row spacing: 
Vine spacing in the row: 

Winter Pruning:                      eyes/buds per sq. metre of land occupied by the plant.

Advantages: high resistance to mildews, interesting wine in the style of Pinot Gris