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Mother: Medoc noir x Perle von Csaba
Father: S.V. 12375 x Gardonyi

Year of breeding: 1965.
Country of origin: Hungary.


A robust disease-resistant table grape, with seeds; very good tolerance against powdery mildew (Oidium), very good tolerance against downy mildew (Peronospora), susceptible to botrytis.

Early budding (may need protection against frost), best to prune very late in the springtime.
Strong upright growth (fast growing). Good yield, good resistance to frost for a table grape (ok down to -16 C).

Early ripening, at end of August to mid-September in Germany, with a short harvest window.

Bunches are medium size and fairly compact, berries are oval, dark-blue, crisp, sweet and very tasty (aromatic but harmonious, you always want another). The pips are a little disturbing.

A ruby-red wine has been made from Nero in Holland and Germany.

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