Winegrowers Supplies  -  Binger Tractor mounted Leaf-wall Cutter LSA-320 AL2


Suitable for all tractors, even small ones. The price includes an adaptor for the tractor and a storage frame to assist in safely fitting and removing the implement. Models for right or left side mounting.

The standard cutting arm is 1.52 metres vertically (6 knives) and 0.56 m horizontally (2 knives); a seventh vertical knife is available as an option at extra cost. The centre distance of the cutting-rotor-blades is 24 cm and the knife diameter is 32 cm, giving an overlap of 8 cm. This gives perfect cutting result even with large leaf-walls. All knives are tilted 5 to the leaf wall, so only the knife-ends cut and the annoyance from leaf-particles flying about is lower than ever before. The cut is exceptionally clean as the knives are curved evenly and the smooth side of the knife is always turned to the leaf-wall. There is a rubber shield which stops the cut leaves falling on the tractor driver, but protective glasses and dust mask should be worn.

The knives are driven via flat-belts from hydraulic geared motors; separate motors for horizontal and vertical cutters. The belts and the ball-bearings are maintenance-free. The rpm is between 2500 and 3000. It runs without vibration.

The model AL2 requires an oil flow of 13 to 15 litres per minute, with between 60 and 110 Bar pressure. To avoid over-heating of the oil, there should be more than 5 litres of oil in the tractor hydraulic reservoir. The maximum permitted oil pressure in the motor intake and hydro cylinders is 210 bar; the maximum in the motor return feed is 1.5 bar. For this hydraulic drive a one-way spool-valve is necessary (there is usually one on the tractor). When coupling to this valve it is important that the oil returns directly and freely back to the reservoir (not via the spool-valve) so that the oil stays cooler.

The height setting is hydraulically controlled; the vertical height adjustment distance is 80 cm. A one-way double-acting spool-valve is necessary on the tractor for the hydraulic height setting.
There is also hydraulic operation for side tilt adjustment (+- 20 degrees); a third (double-acting) spool-valve is needed. These two spool-valves are usually together in a unit (obtainable from the tractor agent) which mounts forward of the driver (to his right-hand-side), this is like a gear-stick with forward and backward movement to control the height and side to side movement to control the side-tilt.

The total weight is 125 kilos, but this is for the 3 parts.

The price is from 3650 Euros depending on options.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.