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Mist sprayers
: high quality at amazingly low prices:-

Favaro Syrius:  


Light in weight, suitable for small tractors (from 29 HP). 600 mm diameter fan. For row widths 1.6 to 3.0 metres.

AS-220 with 200 litre tank, 153 cm x 107 cm x 91 cmH, 220 kilos, 4875 Euros

AS-320 with 300 litre tank, 174 cm x 135 cm x 105 cmH, 250 kilos,

AS-420 with 400 litre tank, 170 cm x 135 cm x 105 cmH, 295 kilos, 5700 Euros

         a customer wrote "I am very pleased with my AS-420 sprayer, its absolutely wonderful!"

Favaro make many larger models, here are some trailed models for large vineyards:-

Favaro Orion: like the Syrius, for row widths 1.6 to 3.0 metres, leaf-wall height up to 2.2 metres:-

Orion-1000 with 1000 litre tank, 343 cm x 110 cm x 214 cmH, kilos, 8750 Euros

Orion-1500 with 1500 litre tank, 386 cm x 130 cm x 223 cmH, kilos, 10,750 Euros

Orion-2000 with 2000 litre tank, 415 cm x 130 cm x 223 cmH, kilos, 11,200 Euros


Favaro PSV: with parallel sides, for row widths 1.6 to 3.0 metres, leaf-wall height up to 2.2 metres:-


PSV-1500 with 1500 litre tank, 386 cm x 146 cm x 223 cmH, 867 kilos, 14,120 Euros

PSV-2000 with 2000 litre tank, 415 cm x 158 cm x 223 cmH, 889 kilos, 14,590 Euros


Favaro OVS25: with two independently adjustable counter-rotating turbines, for row widths 1.6 to 4.0 metres, leaf-wall height up to 4.0 metres:-


OVS25-1500 with 1500 litre tank, 401 cm x 142 cm x 190 cmH, 760 kilos, 14,480 Euros

OVS25-2000 with 2000 litre tank, 437 cm x 146 cm x 190 cmH, 840 kilos, 14,950 Euros

Or: for very small tractors such as the Kubota 2150 (24 HP with 18 to 20 HP available at the pto), where there is not enough power to turn a 600 mm diameter fan:-

Waibl 150S: 3900 Euros


Spray container in polyester of 150 to 200 litres (168 litres useable) with filling screen.
Air blower with 20,000 cubic metres / hour.
Transmission having a speed and idle.
Piston diaphragm/membrane pump AR503 (55 litres/min, up to 40 bar pressure).
Hydraulic mixing.
Pressure filter with central cleaning.
Hose connection for hand-pistol. Pto shaft.

Spray system:-
VARIO spray with manual or hydraulic adjustable nozzle holder.
Stainless steel cross-flow oblique flow fan type Q with adjustable air baffles
Stainless steel cross-flow fan around type Q / R with adjustable vanes for high pergolas.

Optional extras:-
Centrifugal clutch
Nozzle shut-off with manual distribution.
Electronic control, 689 Euros

For steep or difficult sites:-

IND - Wheelbarrow Sprayer

a new type of spraying equipment:-
available with Honda petrol engine or single phase electric motor, and long hose reel (optional).
All componemts are professional quality!

Wheelbarrow with 125 litre tank, 420 Euros

Choice of four 'Comet' spray-pumps, with sufficient power to spray vines:-

MC20/20: 20 bar pressure,
20 litres/minute, 261 Euros

MC20/20 2T Oleomac: 20 bar pressure,
20 litres/minute, 353 Euros

APS31 2HP: 30 bar pressure,
25 litres/minute, 510 Euros

ASP31 2HP Honda GC 160: 30 bar pressure,
25 litres/minute, 580 Euros

Spray tubing (up to 80 bar pressure):-
   8mm id X 15mm od, 100 metres, 119 Euros
  10mm id X 18mm od, 100 metres, 152 Euros

Rotating reel for tubing: 60 Euros

Spray pistol:-
  model MA, 30 Euros
  model Me-Pi, 16 Euros

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Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.