Winegrowers Supplies  -  Vine Tying and Clips

MAX Tapener
: since 1968, uses flat plastic strip, various colours and strengths:-
Ties a plant with the squeeze of your hand. One squeeze of the handle stretches the tape between the jaws ready to wrap around the plant stem and support. A second squeeze staples the tape firmly and cuts it off:-

  MAX HT-R 'gun', £38.50  Scrap Free model with the ecologically friendly mechanism eliminating tape scraps:


           blue tape, original MAX, £6.00 for a box of 10 x 26 metre rolls
           blue tape, IMF, £4.95 for a box of 10 x 26 metre rolls
           box of 4800 staples (604E), original MAX, £2.85
           replacement blades, pack of three, £4.95

Black plastic 'elbow' clips: Rebst#1:-
        £33.00 per bag of 1000.
  for attaching fruiting canes to the bottom wire, easily releasable.
After winter pruning they can be left to hang on the wire ready for clipping the replacement cane.

Red plastic clip R#45 for pairs of wires:-
        £19.50 per bag of 1000.

EPDM rubber bands: used to secure vine stocks to stakes or canes, and many other uses:-
  with a hammer-head shape at one end, which fits through the loop at the other end of the band, after it is stretched around the stock.


Blitzbinder:- like Tubex ancorfix:-

   4.5 cm long: bag of 1 kilo (about 680) £20.95 / or bag of 5 kilos (about 3400) £111.00
   7 cm long: bag of 1 kilo (about 490) £20.45 / or bag of 5 kilos (about 2450) £109.00
     Note: 7 cm has a 1 cm hammer-head and 6 cm long band, which can stretch to about 9 cm; it fits around a circumference of 6 to 9 cm.
                 It's the most popular size for vines.

   9 cm long: bag of 1 kilo (about 300) £20.25 / or bag of 5 kilos (about 1500) £97.50
  11 cm long: bag of 1 kilo (about 250) £20.25 / or bag of 5 kilos (about 1250) £97.50

or Tree-Fix®:-  "the original and the best on the market":-
     in 2.5 kilo sacks @ £48.50

     6 cm long 520 per kilo
     7 cm long 490 per kilo
     8 cm long 450 per kilo

    11 cm long 250 per kilo
    16 cm long 220 per kilo
    21 cm long 150 per kilo
    23 cm long  90 per kilo
    30 cm long  65 per kilo

Soft plastic hollow tube for tying vine stocks, lasts about 6 to 8 years, black, dark green etc,
              in a net which allows it to be pulled out and cut (with snips or a finger knife) as required,
              4 mm diameter, 100 metre roll, £6.00
                other diameters available.

Paper covered wire: 1.5 mm diameter Kraft paper with 0.5 mm steel wire inside. A large roll which can be cut as required for use as twist tyes, they last a year or two before the wire rusts, weighs about 1 kilo, £7.25


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