Winegrowers Supplies  -  Under the row rotary soil tillers

Orrizonti: produce many different models, single side or double side:

The minimum row width is 1.8 (Energy Dual compact model) or 2.0 metres (FAST model), the working width is adjustable up to 2.9 metres.
The control joystick can be mounted inside the tractor cabin.


Double side model, rear mounted on a three-point linkage, or front mounted, 8350 Euros

 + Rotary units on 30 cm diameter plate with 3 tynes (recommended for vineyards), 1490 Euros each one needed each side
   or 40 cm diameter plate with 4 knives (recommended for orchards), 1570 Euros each
   or 50 cm diameter plate with 4 knives, 1680 Euros each

 + independant hydraulic unit: oil tank with oil cooler, pump Gr.3 and oil, 2950 Euros
   That's recommended when working with two rotary units because the tractor may not have enough oil flow to drive two rotary units (a minimum hydraulic oil flow of 30 litres/minute is needed) and when running for many hours it could have a problem to cool down this quantity of oil.
   With this independent unit, only one pair of hydraulic connectors are needed on the tractor.
   Otherwise it's necessary to take the return hose directly back into the tractor's hydraulic oil reservoir, through the topping up hole, without going through a constrictor.

 - floating lift, with front mounted unit, 1480 Euros
 - extra long sensor/detector, 65 Euros each
 - units for removing water shoots from the vine stocks, 1690 Euros each side

Alternatively these can be fitted on the sides of a pruning mulcher / grass mower (pto powered), or a towed duck-foot cultivator.

Availability time about 4 weeks.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.