Winegrowers Supplies  -  Vine Protection

For protecting vines against rabbits:-

Black plastic nets, fine diamond mesh, from Germany, 600 mm tall, 22p eachAdvice on using the nets

Clipper tubes, 600mm tall, 80mm x 80mm square,
  pale green, 100% polypropylene,
  UV stabilised to last for several seasons.
  Provides protection against rabbits and
  allows herbicide spraying up to it.
  Also has a greenhouse effect but the lack of
  air movement inside the tube means it gets
  colder in than out, so a frost can destroy the
  buds, 60p each

These are not stocked but available to order.

Also for protection against rabbits: wire netting, 50 metre rolls, with 25 mm holes, very high quality, price on request.


          galvanised steel
          2 metres high
          50 metre long rolls
          weighing 48.5 kilos
          high quality,
            ... a roll

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.