Winegrowers Supplies  - washer/elevator/mills - for apples and many other fruits and vegetables:-

  Voran SA:  

Washing is carried out by water in the loading hopper (800 mm high) and by means of a fresh water spray on the conveyor belt.
Connections for cleaning: " bsp internal connection for washing container: 1" bsp external connection.
The conveyor speed is variable by means of a frequency inverter.

The inclined elevator is especially suitable for the processing of most types of fruits, berries or vegetables; the huge vertical screw elevator in the WA LC is not suitable for some types:-

The following represents a selection of fruit which has been processed in practice with the SA:-
Apples, Pears, Carrots, Beetroot, Horseradish, Manioc, Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Elderberries (special grater required), Blackcurrants (special grater required), Cherries, Cranberries, Yellow plums, Damsons, Quince, Rhubarb, Sloes, Rowanberries, Onions (previously peeled).

The SA is just a washer and elevator, without a Mill, 150 kilos, 6,450 Euros
up to 1000 kilos/hour. 2500 mm x 680 mm x 2080 mm high. The fruit delivery height is 1850 mm.

The SA200 has a pivoting RM 2.2 centrifugal Mill, with a 9 mm cutting grater, up to 1000 kilos/hour, 8,350 Euros
2620 mm x 700 mm x 2100 mm high. 185 kilos.
Rated power: Elevator 0.37 kWatt, Mill 2.2 kWatt. 380 volt (three-phase); 230 volt is an option, 160 Euros extra.
Due to the pivoting capability of the Mill, it is possible to use it with or without the Mill, without any modification.
The delivery height of the 'mash' is 1330 mm.
Voran say it is ideal for use in combination with a small belt press 250 to 400 kilos/hour (ie. Voran EBP-350).
Option: Large hopper for use with a bulk bin tipper, 280 Euros

The SA300 has a pivoting RM centrifugal Mill, up to 3000 kilos/hour, 19,650 Euros
The delivery height of the 'mash' is 1535 to 1595 mm.

The SA400 has a pivoting RM 75 centrifugal Mill, up to 8000 kilos/hour, 24,500 Euros
3570 mm x 980 mm x 2570 mm high. 503 kilos. 11.1 kWatt 400 V
The delivery height of the 'mash' is 1640 mm.

  Voran WALC:

Throughput up to 2000 kilos/hour.
1794 mm long x 590 mm wide x 2100 mm high. It weighs 180 kilos.
380 volt, 3-phase motors, 1.5 kWatt for the elevator (vertical auger) and 4.0 kWatt for the mill.
230 Volt 3-phase motors are available at an extra cost of 170 Euros.

WALC with RM40 centrifugal mill: there are different versions (and prices) according to which press you wish to use it with:-

Versions for use with Belt-presses, without dosing device, with 12 mm cutting grater:-
  for use with EBP420, EBP500, EBP580, 1260 mm mash delivery height 10,360 Euros
  for use with EBP650, [EBP820], 1500 mm mash delivery height, 10,890 Euros

Versions for use with Pack Presses, with dosing device, with 12 mm cutting grater:-
  for use with 100P2-S, 1260 mm mash delivery height, 10,380 Euros
  for use with 180P2-D, 1460 mm mash delivery height, 11,180 Euros

On the washing trough there are two 2" bsp threaded outlets, the upper is an overflow, the lower is to run the water out. It's recommended to fit a ball-valve on the bottom outlet and then a T-piece with a hose to take the water away to a drain; the overflow connects into this T-piece. All together 42 Euros
    1 x 3/4" ball-valve M-F,
    1 x 2" 90-degree bend on the top thread,
    1 x 2" pvc ball-valve,
    1 x 2" double-thread,
    1 x 2" T-piece on the bottom thread,
    3 x 2" hose-connectors.

Replacement parts:-
     optical membrane switch and proximity sensor, 162 Euros
     membrane (fruit acid resistant), 79 Euros
     alu foil sheet for membrane switch, 7 Euros
     cutting graters: 7 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm or 16 mm, 85 Euros each

Large hopper for use with a bulk bin tipper, 280 Euros
Sorting table, before the washing trough, 1470 mm long, 1290 Euros

Voran WAR 65:  15,920 Euros

Throughput about 5000 kilos/hour.
1730 mm long x 880 mm wide x 2440 mm high. Weighs 423 kilos.
380 volt, 3-phase motors, 2.2 kWatt for the elevator (vertical auger) and 5.5 kWatt for the Rm 5.5 Mill.
Recommended to be linked to the Belt-Press EBP1200. Height of mash outlet, 1730 mm.

The pivoting turret allows the upper section to be rotated through 90 to save space during operation and make cleaning easier.
Supplied with 7, 9 and 12 mm cutting screens.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will need to be charged at cost.