Winegrowers Supplies  -  semi-automatic and fully automatic fillers for Bag in boxes

A small buffer tank is always needed between a pasteuriser and Bib filler.
The Bib filler does not run continuously - while placing and removing the bag the filling valve is closed and the pump switches off.
This change in the liquid flow is compensated for with the buffer tank.
Inside the buffer tank a small stainless steel float is installed which will switch off the pasteuriser if the buffer tank becomes full.

  EN RBB model: bench standing, 4172 Euros      optional stainless steel stand on wheels, 372 Euros.

That price is without pump, it is equipped with electrical cables to which an external pump must be connected, so it will be stop/started automatically.
A suitable pump can be supplied on request; 230 or 380 volts.

Bags or pouches can be filled from 1 to 30 litres, placed on the support base that measures 600 x 600 mm.
The quantity of liquid is shown on an electronic display and is measured by an impeller flowmeter, not by weight.

The operations of filling are automatic and they oversee the evacuation of air from the bag, and the inflow of liquid.
The removal and the insertion of the special tap are accomplished manually by a lever.

Filling time for a 3 litre pouch is about 8 to 10 seconds. It isnít necessary to feed compressed air.
Dimensions: 950 x 600 x 1650 mmH, weight 50 kilos.

  IND model5,170 Euros  including the wheeled stand. This version is for hot filling at up to 90 įC.

Similar to the Technibag Bip 2.0 but at a lower price. Superior technique to Voran and Kreuzmayr, a comparison is at the end of this page.

Bag-in-Box filler with vacuum system and lever to remove and place the valve on the neck of the bag in box.

Pump with stainless steel casing and turbine, 3000 litres/hour, equipped with purge function and inverter.
Display panel with a range of functions: cycle counter, statistics, troubleshooting, maintenance etc.
Height adjustable working platform.
Fill volume can be set to nearest 1 cl, precision is within 5 cl.
Cleaning tube with jointing tip.
CIP with automated cleaning of the vacuum circuit.
Suitable for any of the following standard tap types: Vitop, Flex-Tap, Vinitap, WS, Press-Tap etc.
Chassis equipped with 4 wheels.
1.8 kWatt, 230 Volt. Requires a supply of compressed air, 0.3 m3/hour at 6 Bar.
Note: Nitrogen injection is for cold filled liquids not for hot filled (pasteurised).

Optional 65 litre buffer tank with float sensor, DN25 thread, 560 Euros, this is large enough for all semi-automatic bib-fillers.

       Filling rates: 3-litre Bibs - 160 to 180 per hour
                   5-litre Bibs - 130 to 150 per hour
                 10-litre Bibs - 110 to 130 per hour
                 15-litre Bibs - 90 to 110 per hour
                 20-litre Bibs - 80 to 100 per hour

5-stage filling process:-
   1. removes tap, a lever is operated to do this
   2. evacuates air by vacuum
   3. fills bag, the volume is controlled by a flow meter
       setting from 3 to 20 litres
   4. optionally gives a squirt of nitrogen (for cold fill)
   5. fits tap, a lever is operated to fit the tap, so there is
      no risk of contamination by fingers touching the tap.

  51 x 85 x 145 cm high, weighs 55 kilos. 230 volt, 1.8 kWatt.

Voran models:-

   MBF 7506,950 Euros plus 1160 Euros extra for the table

The MBF 750 has a pneumatic valve. For bags of 3, 5, 10 and 20 litres: 75 x 10 litre bags per hour.

Stainless steel, 58 litre header/buffer tank, 230 Volts, 1030 x 740 x 1065 mm high, weighs 85 kilos.
Requires compressed air supply at 6 bar, 21.3 mm diameter liquid inlet.

or the MBF 750-R6 with 6 bottle filler on the other side, 8,790 Euros plus 1160 Euros extra for the table

Kreuzmayr models:-

   KBF 900: without buffer/header tank or optionally with buffer/header tank:-

Suitable for the following tap types: Vitop, Postmix.

The filling process is checked by a weighing system and controlled by a pneumatic filling valve.

Bags from 3 to 20 litres:-
  120 x 5 litre bags per hour
   90 x 10 litre bags per hour

Stainless steel design with 4 rollers.

   KBF 1800:
with buffer/header tank

Suitable for the following tap types: Vitop, Postmix.

The filling process is checked by two weighing systems and controlled by a pneumatic filling valve.

Bags from 3 to 20 litres:-
approx. 240 x 5 litre bags per hour
approx. 180 x 10 litre bags per hour

Stainless steel design with 4 rollers, weighs 170 kilos.

A comparison of the IND model with the Voran and Kreuzmayr models:-

They are two totally different systems.

The KBF 900 and KBF 1800 are nearly the same as the Voran MBF 500 and MBF 750, they are all gravity fillers.
With one filling nozzle you cannot achieve a high filling speed. To reach a higher speed Kreuzmeyer has combined two of the units as the KBF 1800.

The IND model pumps the liquid into the bag.

The Kreuzmayr and Voran models are made completely from stainless steel.
Technibag has everything in contact with the product made from stainless steel, the frame is made in powder coated steel. The powder coated frame is very resistant to corrosion.

With the IND model the tap is removed and placed using a manual lever. Thatís a big advantage. In cool rooms the taps are not easy to remove manually.

The IND model creates a vacuum before filling (less oxidation during filling) and is ready to inject inert gas after filling if required.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.