Winegrowers Supplies  -  Cappers for pre-threaded screw caps; aluminium 'twist-off' or plastic

  Pneumatic capper for pre-threaded screw caps, aluminium 'twist-off' or plastic:

EN AVV TW, 3820 Euros,

option for different cap sizes 180 Euros each.
optional stainless steel trolley, 372 Euros

The operator places the cap in the cap pusher and simultaneously presses the two buttons on each side of the machine base.
The closing head descends over the cap, closing it, while a pneumatic system holds the container to prevent it from spinning.
The pneumatic clutch can be adjusted manually, between 2 and 9 or 0,5 and 4 Nm according to the torque required to close the cap properly.

    Aluminium screw caps


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