Winegrowers Supplies  -  Capsule spinners

For applying polylaminate and tin capsules of different lengths, up to about 60 mm, on wine bottles.
It is only suitable for normal wine bottle tops, around 30 to 31 mm diameter, not very large diameter tops.
The maximum bottle height is 40 cm.

This model is positioned vertically, which gives more even sleeking of the capsule than if horizontal.
It has a hand lever to lower and raise it over the bottle neck, 1535 Euros


230 Volt single phase (rotating at 2800 rpm).

The sleeking head has six special rollers which spin around the capsule.
Rubber rings cause the rollers to press against the capsule, the rubber rings can be slid along the shaft in order to give greater or less pressure in certain parts;
additional or less rubber rings can be fitted to adjust the pressure.


It can also be installed on automatic machines. In this situation a frequency inverter is often used to regulate the rotation speed of the spinner.

It's very important to choose good quality capsules and the right size capsule for the particular bottle neck. If capsules are too large the spinner cannot compensate.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will usually need to be charged at cost.