Winegrowers Supplies  -  how to use the in-bottle carbonator

1) Connect the gas regulator with heater to the CO2 cylinder:-


2) Connect the high pressure hose to the carbonator, push in:-


3) Connect the gas regulator with heater to the CO2 cylinder.
Plug in the electric cable that supplies electricity for the heater on the gas regulator:-


4) Choose the correct size (26mm or 29mm) fitting for your bottle:-

         Fit it:-


5) Adjust the height of the pedestal, according to the bottle height:-

6) Close all the ball-valves located under the spheres.

7) Open the valve on the CO2 gas cylinder.
Adjust the outlet pressure to a maximum of 3 bar; this is the pressure of the safety valve of the saturator.

8) Place a filled bottle on the pedestal and close the compartment door with magnetic closure:-


9) Open the ball valve, to connect the pressure sphere (containing CO2) and the bottle.
Then turn the unit through 180 degrees, rotating it to the left until fully inverted. The liquid flows into the sphere and mixes with the CO2:-


10) Repeat steps 7 and 8 with the next bottle:-


11) Wait for the complete filling of the bottle, looking through the transparent window.
Close the ball-valve when all the liquid has flowed back into the bottle.

12 Push down the lever under the pedestal to the position of 'outgassing', by a few mms to remove the pressure from the space between valve and liquid.

13) Then open the security door, remove the bottle and fit a crown cap as soon as possible:-