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The following mobile water heaters are manufactured in Germany:-

These are electrical heaters which can produce water at up to 90 C.
All are 380 volts 3-phase, with an integral water tank (80 litres) and an integral pump (up to 2800 litres/hour at 3 bar).

  HW09: 9 kWatt, 3975 Euros
  HW18: 18 kWatt, 5015 Euros
  HW24: 24 kWatt, 6075 Euros

If the hot water is to be used to heat 'spring water' in a large tank, which afterwards is to be used for sparging, then to calculate the power required we need to know:-
  - the volume of water in the 'Hot Liquor' tank,
  - the size of the tank cooling jacket or internal heat exchanger,
  - the thickness of insulation on the tank,
  - the temperature of the incoming water,
  - the temperature required to be achieved (eg. 75 C),
  - in how many hours the heating should take place.

Alternatively, an electrical steam generator or a pasteuriser boiler powered by Propane gas or Diesel can be used.

In any case the tank must have a slow mixer to move the water during heating/cooling, otherwise there can be a large temperature difference within the tank.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will need to be charged at cost.