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        Secondhand: similar to the one in this photo, 800

My own semi-automatic corker, in very good condition for it's age.
I purchased it from Carl Aug Junk at Piesport, Germany, it had just been re-conditioned. I haven't used it much, it works very well.


Floor-standing, hand-operated:  many years ago I found that the cheap models, intended for amateur use, do not insert corks without some damage. The following more expensive alternatives require much less effort to use and will perform well for many years. They also have four compressing jaws rather than the two or three of some cheaper models. For anyone who sells their wine I would advise using one of these:-

  SL model PL-2:
all stainless steel, except for the four white hard-polythene compressing jaws, 900 Euros
with double guide shaft, for natural or synthetic corks, diameter 22 to 26 mm and up to 45 mm high, for bottles 240 to 400 mm high, maximum 110 mm diameter, maximum 30 mm outside diameter of neck, minimum 17 mm inside diameter of neck, weighs 13 kilos:-


Semi-automatic corkers:-

Machines made in stainless steel AISI 304 to resist corrosive substances and damp environments. The corking jaws are made of four blocks of stainless steel. The jaws are easy to dismantle for efficient cleaning when necessary. Precise movement of the jaws and the punch are controlled by two linear guides which ensures limited wear.


EN T45:  3851 Euros

Automatic loading of the corks, from the hopper.
Diameter of corks: 22 to 26 mm, optionally up to 28 mm.
Height of corks: up to 50 mm.
Height of bottles: up to 375 mm.
Corking time: about 1.8 seconds, about 1500 bottles /hour.
230V, 50Hz, electric starting.

Stainless steel trolley support, 408 Euros
Nitrogen injection system, before corking, 520 Euros

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will need to be charged at cost.