Winegrowers Supplies  - motor driven crusher/de-stemmers - advice for use:-

Remember to assemble and fit the hopper top-extension, and bolt it in place; don't leave it loose on top.

The machine must be mounted on a strong supporting frame, with the bottom at least 720 mm above the floor. This is so that it's not possible to reach over and put your fingers into the auger when it's running.

According to the type of grapes it is possible to tilt the machine slightly up or down, along it's length, so that the bunches take a longer or shorter time to pass through the de-stemmer section; you can only learn this from experience.

The gap between the star-shaped rubber rollers can be adjusted with bolts on one of the rollers.

Tip the grape-bunches into the hopper but fill it only to the level of the bottom part of the hopper. If it is filled right to the top then the weight of grapes could be too much for the auger to turn; this applies to a 220 Volt motor, a 380 Volt motor has much more torque.

If the drive belt slips then it can be tightened using the adjustment bolt near the motor, to move the motor slightly further out.

After all the bunches have been processed the machine must be washed out with water. The de-stemmer cover plate should be removed and the stainless steel 'cage' pulled out and washed separately. The machine should be disconnected from the electricity supply before washing.
If your electricity cable has an RCD and you do wash the auger and de-stemmer shaft with the motor turning then use a pressure washer, never use a brush or cloth or you may lose a finger!