Winegrowers Supplies  -  Copper Stills - for distillation of wine, cider, mead etc

      Copper Still - Elaria 2.8 litre, with thermometer, 230 Euros
                                                              or 4.8 litre, 305 Euros

To make a trial using wine, where distillation is legal:-

Fill the lower part of the copper Still with wine, and put cold water and some pieces of ice to fill the small tank with the cooling coil.
Make sure that the rubber stopper and the thermometer are placed securely in the lid of the copper Still as shown in the picture.
Fill the small burner with methylated spirits, light it, put it under the Still.

After 10-20 minutes the temperature should go up to 80 C, steam will rise from the wine and alcohol drip out of the cooler. The temperature at which alcohol evaporates is 78.3 C, so this is the optimum to distill at. At high temperatures fusel-oil would come off, which is not desired.
Try to keep the temperature constant so that alcohol drips out from the cooler, and add more ice to the cooling tank.

It's advised to take the first part of the distilled spirit and the last - which could be contaminated - and to distill this again later.

After use, allow to cool and then wash the equipment with warm water.

Typically, if you start with wine at 11 %alc, you will eventually end up with brandy having about a sixth of the volume that you start with.

If you are producing other types of spirits, perhaps with fresh herbs (camomile, mint, lavender etc; dried herbs should not be used), you can start by fermenting a pure sugar/water mix with a -
'high alcohol super yeast': the most extreme available so far is Alcotec 23% Turbo Yeast - it will produce up to 23% alcohol using 10.5 kilos of brewing sugar (dextrose monohydrate). Normal sugar cannot be used.
This product contains activated carbons, to enable it to reach this very high %alcohol. It is nothing like the yeasts used for fermenting wines or beer, it acts much too quickly. It is designed for the fastest and most reliable fermentation of a pure sugar/water mix, producing alcohol, for use as a base for distillation.

Other models of larger size are available:-

Handmade in Italy, for the production of high quality fruit or grain spirits, vodka, whisky or any other kinds of bio-ethanol or essential oils.

All parts which come in contact with alcoholic compounds are solid copper.
Continuous development paired with old traditions have created the design and construction of these stills.
The design is a combination of efficiency, stability and shape. The shape of these stills causes a continuous heating of mash and a low rate of foam.
They provide gentle distilling, enrichment and separation of higher boiling and lower boiling products for the production of high quality spirits.

 Mounted on a strong, rotating frame

 Large evaporation space

 Heating by propane gas burner or alternatively electrical

 Oil bath filled with diathermic oil

 Tube condenser made of high-grade copper

 Wide filling hole

 Drain tap for distilled mash (Optional)

 Helmet easily removable for the better cleaning of the boiler and evaporation space

 30 litre with gas burner, 5650 Euros
 50 litre with gas burner, 6495 Euros
 70 litre with gas burner, 6995 Euros

 90 litre with gas burner, 7198 Euros
150 litre with gas burner, 8120 Euros
200 litre with gas burner, 9425 Euros
300 litre with gas burner, ..... Euros

   option of lateral discharge, 650 Euros

In the UK you can apply for a licence at

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.