Instructions for using the Tandem filter

1. Place the filter cartridge into the Tandem housing - locating it on the lid.

2. Fasten the lid, with the cartridge in place, on the transparent housing (sometimes called a 'cup').

Note: on the bottom of the lid there is a black ring with three 'sections'. These sections need to align and the black ring needs to be pushed in between the red rubber seal and the plastic, creating a tight fit. If this black ring is loose and not positioned correctly then a vacuum will not be achieved and the liquid will not flow.

3. Use the pipes (that are supplied) to connect the Tandem housing to the tank of liquid which is to be filled, and also to the Enolmatic.
Take care to follow the flow directions as indicated by arrows in the diagram. Filtering has to be from the outside of the cartridge to the inside.

4. Switch the Enolmatic ON, but do not put a bottle in.

5. Open the bypass-valve (sometimes called 'faucet') on the lid of the Tandem; to do this turn the knob fully anticlockwise. Failing to do this is the most common mistake for new users.

6. Then place a bottle in the Enolmatic.
The Tandem housing should then fill automatically, so the filter cartridge is immersed in the liquid.
As soon as the liquid flows through the transparent hose on the Tandem lid, quickly close the 'faucet' by turning fully clockwise. Now the liquid will be filtered through the cartridge.

7. Continue filtering / filling bottles. Gradually the flow may/will decrease, as the cartridge slowly clogs. The Enolmatic vacuum switch can be adjusted gradually to 'maximum' in order to speed up the flow.

8. At the end of the work:-
- remove the suction pipe and continue to fill bottles until the Tandem housing is empty.
- remove the cartridge and wash it with water (or a special solution to remove oil), ideally the washing should be from inside the cartridge outwards.
- leave it to dry completely in the open, afterwards never place it in any plastic bag or container.

If the liquid does not flow through the filter:-

1. Remove the filter housing from the system and make sure the Enolmatic itself is operating.

2. On the Enolmatic, set the vacuum to max.

3. Reconnect the Tandem housing without the filter cartridge.

4. If the Tandem housing still does not fill, start at the outlet of housing, remove the tube and check there is suction from the Enolmatic. To do this you need to have a bottle under the Enolmatic filling nozzle.
Continue checking at every point to try to find the source of air leak or (very unlikely) a blockage.