Winegrowers Supplies  -  Oak Barriques and fermenters, chips, silicone bungs etc

                                              Preparation and use of barriques and the choice of oak

a Bordeaux type barrique is 225 litres (95 cm high, 68.5 cm diameter at the centre), a Burgundy type is 228 litres (89 cm high, 71.5 cm diameter at the centre).

       New oak barriques: the oak has been stored and dried for at least 24 months before manufacture:-

For red wines:-

American oak: 225 litres, medium plus toasted, 470 Euros

French Alliers oak: fine grain, 228 litres, 660 Euros

other sizes are available, also certified used barriques.

For white wines:-

225 litres American oak Profile 11 (special toasting for white wine), 440 Euros

Profile 11 barriques complement the finest wines, adding texture and length whilst maintaining the proper balance of fruit and oak. This traditional barrique adds great complexity and finesse.

225 litres American oak Aroma Toast® (Infra Red toasting for white wine – no smoky character), 440 Euros

Aroma Toast®: electrical heat is used to bend and toast the barrel in a strictly controlled environment, producing exact heat and eliminating any distracting odours. The barrel progressively increases in temperature until the cooper is confident it has arrived at the desired Aroma Toast®. A computer monitors the temperature and toasting time.

For alcohol/spirits:-

French Limousin oak: loose grain, Euros

Used barriques: 225 litre, £209.00

These have been cleaned and sterilised with SO2. Previously they have had three years with red wines in.

Sulphur 'candles' (tablets) for burning inside oak barrels. Hang one on wire hook and light it, 1kilo, £19.90

Stands/racks for barriques

Silicone-rubber bungs

Racking-pipe: stainless steel, for racking from near the bottom of barriques, 110-degree bend at the top, ending in 1¼" or 32-Mainz male thread, very high quality, £118

Sample takerglass, £13.20

Stainless steel can for topping up barriques: £140.00
   contains about 5 litres, the spout is about 55 cm long.

   very large brush, used for cleaning 54 litre carbuoys, £36.00
Just over a metre long, it could be used for stirring lees in barriques.

Oak chips: after many years using chips I've found that, with red wine, light toast adds little oak character, and French oak gives only a very slight vanilla flavour. If you want a nice mellow oak flavour, try these:-

American oak chips, medium-large size, medium toast, 9 kilos £65.00 or an 18 kilo sack for £125.00
The 18 kilo sack has two special infusion bags, containing 9 kilos each.


or for Sparkling Wine - French oak chips, 18 kilo sack for £182.00

Wrap the required weight of chips in a sheet of cotton muslin, or special infusion bag, add a stainless steel weight, close it and tie with a long nylon cord, so they can be pulled out easily from the top of a variable-capacity tank. During fermentation is the best time to add this but it can be added later and left in for many months afterwards to maximise 'complexity'.

Oak Staves: for inserting in stainless steel tanks:

        details and prices on request.

Oak fermenters:

       in various sizes and oaks, for example:-

Fine grain Oak, toasted inside, varnished outside, with 5 stainless steel hoops, oak lid and extra 20 cm hatch.

approx 500/550 litres, 95 cm high x 86 cm top diameter / 98 cm bottom diameter.
Stave thickness 27 mm, without man-way, 1800 Euros

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.