Winegrowers Supplies  -  Punch down tool for red grape mash during fermentation

Punch down tool    

Stainless steel, 250 mm diameter plate with holes, 1 metre (95) or 1.5 metre (99) long handle.

Since ancient times, the maceration of crushed grapes has been a fundamental step in extracting the characteristics present, so they can be retained in the wine produced.

During fermentation the grape skins rise to the top, the cap must be kept wet (submerged in the fermenting wine) in order to avoid mildews and bacteria multiplying and causing rot.
At least once a day the skin-cap must be pushed down under the must.
With a smallish tank this can be done with a wood-baton or punch-down tool.
For large tanks there are possibilities such as roto-fermenters or an 'automatic treading' system.
The traditional method of 'pumping over' is much less good as the grapes are not macerated, hence there is much less extraction from the skins.

With maceration the colour of the skins detaches and is slowly absorbed by the must, it is slow and therefore favours the polymerisation of the tannin molecules in long chains.

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