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These machines can film-wrap a wide range of products (bottles, jars, tins, cans, cases, cartons) in a simple and economical way, with attractive presentation.
They can seal large packs, with or without the use of cardboard trays. For large production it provides major savings compared to using cardboard cartons.

The lowest price models start at 12,000 Euros. They are made in China and distributed from European importers.
They work but are made in a cheap way, the electrical control box is very different from the European standard.

This model is made in Italy:-

High quality construction, easy to use, for wrapping an average of 6 packs/minute with very good appearance. 20,700 Euros

Electrical heating gives a very consistent result, which is important for the finished appearance of the pack.

It requires 14 to 15 kWatt in total, 230 volts single-phase (or 3-phase) or 400 volts 3-phase; 12 kWatt for the heating elements and 2 to 3 kWatt for the remainder.
A special model can be made, reducing the heating power to 9 kWatt, using different heating elements and incorporating much better insulation for the tunnel. Extra cost 700 Euros


The operator places the pack of products (e.g. 6 or 12 bottles) on the preparation area; using a cardboard tray to hold the products is recommended.

Pneumatic pusher to transfer the product over the sealing bar, operated by two safety push-buttons
Top powered film feed unit
Bottom loose film feed unit
Pneumatic heated sealing bar 750 mm wide for cutting and sealing the film, with Teflon coated inserts. Maximum distance under the sealing bar 380 mm
Adjustable height of pneumatic pack clamp
Steel mesh belt conveyor through the shrink tunnel, variable speed, inverter driven
Shrink tunnel hood sizes: 1200 x 700 x 450 mmH
Pack cooler mounted at the exit of the tunnel
Control cabinet with PLC and visual display
Compressed air requirement: 6 bar
Compressed air consumption: 15 Nl/min
Film to be used: PE shrink film, thickness 35 to 90 micron, film-roll diameter 300 mm max, width: 700 mm

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
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