Winegrowers Supplies  -  The KTM red wine 'automatic treading' system - Instructions

Overview/diagram of the Tank and Diving-paddle:-

1. pneumatic cylinder with air-tube.
2. diving-paddle frame.
3. viewing hole with cover.
4. clamps for fixing the diving-paddle frame to the top of the tank.
5. diving-paddle.
6. tank.
8. manway door, with optional large draining-sieve inside.


Before use clean and spray out tank with clear water.
De-stalk red grapes directly into the tank, either through the viewing hole in the top or through a large ball-valve in the bottom; up to a maximum filling depth of 30 cm below the rim. The diving-paddle falls and rises 1 metre so the contents of the tank must be between 1 metre and 30 cm below the tank rim.

Position the diving-paddle-frame on top of the tank and clamp it with the four clamps.

Connect the air tubes on the diving-paddle into the time controller:-
    Push-fit the black 8mm tube into the upper air-connection on the diving-paddle.
    Push-fit the blue 10mm tube into the lower air-connection on the diving-paddle.

Plug in the air pressure supply (from a small compressor) to the time controller. Open the air pressure supply and adjust the output pressure (on the compressor) to 4 bar.

Set the time controller (see section 4, below), then plug in to a 240 volt supply, and set it running.

After the end of the processing:-
    Drain off the juice through the juice outlet in the manway-door.
    Open the manway-door and rake the fermented mash into the press.
    Lift off the diving-paddle for cleaning.

Setting the time controller:-

The electro-pneumatic magnetic-valve has a tiny switch. This must be set "0=upwards=timed" otherwise it will operate continually.

Set the operating times with the 3 timers:-

Timer 1: The resting-time (off) and the working-time (on) of the diving-paddle.
    The clock has a 24 hour running-time. Move the tiny sliding pins to either 'on' or 'off' to set the times it will operate; each switch time amounts to about 15 minutes.

Timer 2: Paddle upwards.
    Set the time of the upwards movement of the diving paddle.

Timer 3: Paddle downwards.
    Set the time of the downwards movement of the diving-paddle.

For example: to set the diving paddle to operate every four hours; at which time it will move 7 times upwards and 7 times downwards:-
    Set Timer 1 so that every 4 hours the equipment is 'on' for 15 minutes.
    Set Timer 2 at 1 minute.
    Set Timer 3 at 1 minute.