Winegrowers Supplies  -  Hose and hose clips

To fit the hose over a hose-connector: first slide the hose clip loosely over the hose, slide it along about 30 cms. Then dip 8 cms of the hose end in very hot water, hold it under the water for about 20 seconds until it softens. Take it out of the water and it will then slide easily over the hose-connector, don't push it too far or the collar will not have room to move. Position the hose clip and tighten it with a screwdriver and 6 mm spanner.

Food grade hose: without phthalates, for use with pumps or de-stemmer/crushers, smooth inside and with red ribs outside:-


    20 mm internal diameter, 2.50 per metre
    25 mm internal diameter, 3.25 per metre
    30 mm internal diameter, 3.90 per metre
    35 mm internal diameter, 4.80 per metre

    40 mm internal diameter, 5.50 per metre
    50 mm internal diameter, 7.50 per metre
    60 mm internal diameter, 9.90 per metre

    70 mm internal diameter, 12.20 per metre
    80 mm internal diameter, 14.80 per metre
  100 mm internal diameter, 21.90 per metre
  120 mm internal diameter, 27.20 per metre

High temperature hose: to feed from a pasteuriser to a bottle filler or Bib filler and buffer tank:-

   food grade, blue, rated for temperature up to 160 C, 5.5 mm wall thickness,
      20 mm internal diameter, 16.50 per metre,
      25 mm internal diameter, 22.00 per metre.

     Wine quality PVC hose, non-toxic, clear with a terylene reinforcing web:-

   Unfortunately I can no longer supply this type of hose to UK, due to Import regulations after Brexit.

The internal diameter of the hose must be large enough so that significant turbulence does not occur in the flow.

     20 mm internal diameter, 3.5 mm wall, up to 3500 litres/hour: 2.55 per metre
     25 mm internal diameter, 4.0 mm wall, up to 5470 litres/hour: 2.95 per metre
     32 mm internal diameter, 5.0 mm wall, up to 8960 litres/hour: 5.65 per metre
     38 mm internal diameter, 5.0 mm wall, up to 12,600 litres/hour: per metre

Orange rubber hose cleaning balls, 'mice', pushed through the hose with water from a pump or tap:-


  recommendation is use 3 together:-

  for 13 mm internal diameter hose: 1.48 each
  for 20 mm internal diameter hose: 1.65 each (25 mm or 28 mm diameter ball)
  for 25 mm internal diameter hose: 1.65 each
  for 32 mm internal diameter hose: 3.05 each
  for 38/40 mm internal diameter hose: 3.65 each
  for 50 mm internal diameter hose: 8.20 each
  for 60/65 mm internal diameter hose: 9.90 each

Stainless steel hose clips:-


    9.5-12 mm: 1.40 each
   22-32 mm (for 20 mm id hose): 1.95 each
   25-35 mm (for 25 mm id hose): 2.00 each
   35-45 mm (for 32 id mm hose): 2.05 each
   35-50 mm (for 38/40 id mm hose): 2.10 each
   50-70 mm (for 50 mm id hose): 3.00 each

Silicone-rubber hose, wine quality:-

   10 mm internal diameter, 2 mm wall thickness, 6.00 per metre
   12 mm internal diameter, 2.5 mm wall thickness, 9.95 per metre
   19/20 mm internal diameter, 3.0 mm wall thickness, 11.50 per metre

  • Odourless, tasteless, and inert
  • Able to resist extreme temperatures: -100 F to +500 F
  • Translucent natural colour, allowing sight of the flow
  • Flexible, stretchable, and resistant to compression set

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will need to be charged at cost.