Winegrowers Supplies  -  Materials for use in winemaking, cider making and distillation

Wine sulphur (potassium metabisulphite = pms, very high quality):-

   Enartis WINY: pure and high quality potassium metabisulphite: 1 kilo, £7.50
Capable of oxygen scavenging, reducing oxidation, kills unwanted microflora, renders polyphenols more soluble and it acts as antioxidasic agent against oxidasic enzymes.

Yeast:- (after opening a pack, re-seal it and keep in the fridge)

   Enartis Ferm Aroma White, very small production of riboflavin: 500 gm vacuum pack, £22.00

   Enartis Ferm Red Fruit, for the production of fruity red wines: 500 gm vacuum pack, £22.00
     Produces high levels of polysaccharides. Selected for the production of wine with a soft structure and an elegant fruity aroma.

   Enartis SB, Bayanus for Sparkling Wine: 500 gm vacuum pack, £27.50


Yeast nutrients (Diammonium Phosphate and Thiamin etc):-

   Enartis Nutriferm Vit: 10 to 30 gm per 100 litres, 1 kilo, £9.99

Pectolytic enzymes:- (after opening a pack, re-seal it and keep in the fridge)

  Enartis ZYM 1000 S: extremely pure and active powdered pectolytic enzyme preparation that is particularly useful for the cold settling of must. 1000 S carries out a marked hydrolytic action on grape pectins, accelerating juice clarification: 250 grams, £44.00

or for mash or pommace:-

  Enartis ZYM AROM MP (2 to 4 grams per 100 kilos of grapes or pommace): enzyme for maceration that can be used in the production of white and rosť wines characterized by intense primary aromas. In fact, AROM MP contains a strong proteasic activity that breaks the cell membranes thus increasing the extraction of aromatic substances from the solid parts of grapes. In white and rose wine, it helps to reduce the use of bentonite: 100 grams, £23.00

  Enartis ZYM COLOR: powdered enzyme specifically developed for the maceration of red grapes. Wines made with COLOR are richer in phenolic substances, more intense and fruity on the nose and more structured on the palate. Recommended for the production of young red and rosť wines. 0.5 kilo, £74.00

  Enartis ZYM COLOR PLUS: microgranulated enzyme for red grapes maceration. Color Plus is highly effective in stabilizing color compounds. Beside it's strong maceration activities, it's acid protease activity causes proteins degradation and diminishes their capability to make tannins precipitate. By consequence tannins remain in solution and help anthocyanins stabilization: 250 grams, £44.50

Enartis ZYM LYSO: purified, powdered preparation of lysozyme. Added to must or wine, it imparts an antibacterial activity specifically for the control of lactic acid bacteria: 1 kilo, £220.00

Bentonite for protein fining:-

  Enartis PLUXBENTON N: granular sodium bentonite. Combines a very good clarifying effect with an excellent protein removal property. PLUXBENTON N is also very effective in reducing riboflavin, the molecule responsible for the 'lightstruck' defect in white wines: 1 kilo £5.40; 20 kilos £

  Enartis PLUXCOMPACT: even when used at low doses its activation rate produces a protein removal efficiency comparable to that of sodium bentonite with a compact lees similar to that of calcium bentonite: 20 kilos £


  Enartis CLAROMIX 02 (as Neo-Anticid 67 grams/100 litres): reduces total acidity by making both tartaric and malic acids precipitate equally, in the form of calcium tartromalate (double salt): 25 kilo sack, £110
   smaller weights by arrangement.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C): 1 kilo, £20.50

Citric acid: Enartis 1 kilo, £6.90

Tartaric acid: Enartis 1 kilo, £14.60

Erbsloh Trub-ex (cellulose material for extracting juice from settled lees): 10 kilos, £
   Special fine filter press-sacks are available with hydro-presses for using Trub-ex.

Fining agents:-

Saftklar 500: for clarification of 500 litres of freshly pressed fruit juice: 500 gms, £9.60

Gelatin: Enartis PULVICLAR S: 10 grams per 100 litres. Ultra pure, food grade, warm-soluble granulated gelatin. A highly effective clarifier and stabiliser. Recommended for clarifying white juice and white wines in conjunction with bentonite and silica sol. In red wines, it eliminates excess astringency at the end of the palate without reducing wine structure: 1 kilo, £19.40

For distilleries:-

Aram MP: liquifies and extracts flavours, 100 grams, £22.40

Anti-foam: 500 grams, £20.00

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