Winegrowers Supplies  -  Gyropalettes - for riddling Sparkling Wine bottles automatically

A seven day programme is advisable, although the process is often said to take "a few days".


Double cage unit: complete with PLC control unit for programming the riddling cycles for the 2 cages.
With two 3-phase 380V motors, the motion sequence of each cage is independent, controlled by a dedicated motor.
With protective side panels.

 13,385 Euros + cost of delivery from Italy.

Cages: 5-sided to hold standard Champagne bottles, 504 bottles in a cage, 299 Euros each
the cages fold up but erect to: 1040mmL X 1300mmD X 1100mmH.

Sixth side, 2 are needed for when the cage is in the gyropalette, 39 Euros each
     it's useful to have 2 more, so that another pair of cages can be prepared ready for loading.

A Quadra cage unit (double height) is 24,200 Euros + cost of delivery from Italy.

A Single cage unit is 9,290 Euros + cost of delivery from Italy.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.