Winegrowers Supplies  -  Bag in Boxes - and 3 litre Pouches - for cider, beer or other drinks

Three litre Pouches are becoming increasingly popular:-


3 litre Pouches:-

  for Apple juice: a carton of 300 Pouches, 429.00 Euros, (about 1.24 each)
  for Red wine: carton of 125 Pouches, 220.00 Euros, (about 1.52 each),
  for White wine: carton of 125 Pouches, 220.00 Euros, (about 1.52 each).

10% discount for a large quantity.

Stainless steel support for filling Pouches, 27.00 Euros.

Bag in Boxes:-

These are high quality bags with single-layer polythene sheets that are welded together around the edges (co-extruded),
they have original Vitop taps built in. I find these bags easier to handle and position than double-layer bags are.
The bags are made in Germany, and are well proven for hot filling.
When filled and stored in the correct way the shelf life will be more than one year; they should keep from season to season, 12 to 16 months.

             an Italian 20 litre 'box'.

 20 litre bags + white heavy duty 'box':-
                a pallet with 400 sets @ 3.08 each + delivery @ 60

            or bags alone: a carton with 200, @ 1.65 each + delivery @ 20
                       the 20 litre bags are now nylon/aluminium.

The 20 litre 'box' is multi-layer corrugated, 5mm thick, 400mm x 255mm x 255mm and weighs 475 grams.
The 20 litre 'box' needs some adhesive tape to assemble it but the smaller sizes are assembled without tape:-

10 litre bags + manilla brown 'box' or coloured 'apple' box:-
               bags: a carton with 250, @ 0.99 each + delivery @ 20.     10% discount for a pallet with 4000 bags.
               'boxes': a pallet with 560 @ 0.93 each + delivery @ 60.

 5 litre bags + manilla brown 'box' or coloured 'apple' box:-
               bags: a carton with 350, @ 0.77 each + delivery @ 20.     10% discount for a pallet with 5000 bags.
               'boxes': a pallet with 900 @ 0.66 each + delivery @ 60.

 3 litre bags + manilla brown 'box' or coloured 'apple' box:-
               bags: a carton with 350 @ 0.71 each + delivery @ 20.     10% discount for a pallet with 6300 bags.
               'boxes': a pallet with 960 @ 0.60 each + delivery @ 60.

                manilla brown 'box'      or   coloured 'apple' box:-


Notes on filling:-

- After assembling the carton and inserting the bag, the bag-in-box is placed (with the tap at the top) on a set of accurate weighing scales. Filling is carried out through the bag collar (with the tap removed), the fill-weight corresponding to the volume (5, 10 or 20 litres) having first been calculated according to the specific gravity of the liquid at 20 C.

To give good control of the fill-weight, I can supply a special plastic 'petrol pump' filler @ 19.
This fits a hose of 19mm internal diameter, and is suitable for hot filling after pasteurisation:-


- I suggest using a sheet of aluminium or rigid plastic, to lay on top of the carton when filling, with a cut-out to allow the sheet to slide under the collar flange, giving extra support and avoiding any splashes being absorbed by the carton.

- After filling:-
A Vitop tap is placed in the bag collar; only the external part of the tap should be touched with fingers.
The Vitop tap must then be pushed fully home into the bag collar, with the tap flange flush with the bag collar flange (the 'third click' position) to ensure a secure, permanent seal. This is not easily done by hand. I can supply a simple tool (special pliers) that ensures a well fitted tap, for ..
The third click is a bit difficult to achieve just by using fingers, not impossible - but there is some danger of bursting the bag.

- Sometimes bags are filled outside the carton, using:-

  a stainless steel plate (480 x 350mm) with neck support, 62

but a 20 litre bag is not easy to fill when it's not supported by the box, then afterwards lifting a full 20 litre bag into the box is not easy, especially if hot!
For large producers I can supply semi-automatic Bib fillers which solves this problem.

When hot filling after pasteurising, it is essential to stand the BiBs upright, with the valve at the top, until the contents have cooled down.
The plastic collar, into which you push the Vitop tap after filling, will have expanded and softened slightly due to the heat from the liquid; at this stage any excess force will cause deformation of the neck, leading to leaking bags. The tap itself will be cold when you insert it, so will be slightly smaller. As it cools the collar will shrink back and a proper seal will be created.
The hot juice will reach all parts of the neck and tap when moving the Bib, that is sufficient for sterilisation of the inside of the Vitop tap.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.