Winegrowers Supplies  -  Automatic bottle filling + corking or ROPP capping or crown capping

                   + option of pre-rinsing, in-feed, out-feed and collecting tables.

Kompakt: fully automatic bottling line with gravity filler, for drinks (not sparkling) or hot filled juice:-

                    6: 6 filling nozzles (up to 800 x 75cl bottles/hour): 11,755 Euros
6 filling nozzles + corker (up to 800 x 75cl bottles/hour): 21,380 Euros
                    6/V: 6 filling nozzles + ROPP capper (up to 800 x 75cl bottles/hour): 25,650 Euros
                    6/1C: 6 filling nozzles + crown capper (up to 800 x 75cl bottles/hour): 28,355 Euros


8 filling nozzles (up to 1200 x 75cl bottles/hour): 12,850 Euros
8 filling nozzles + corker (up to 1200 x 75cl bottles/hour): 22,445 Euros
                    8/V: 8 filling nozzles + ROPP capper (up to 1200 x 75cl bottles/hour): 26,720 Euros
                    8/1C: 8 filling nozzles + crown capper (up to 1200 x 75cl bottles/hour): 29,425 Euros

             10: 10 filling nozzles (up to 1500 x 75cl bottles/hour): 14,965 Euros
             10/S: 10 filling nozzles + corker (up to 1500 x 75cl bottles/hour): 23,510 Euros
             10/V: 10 filling nozzles + ROPP capper (up to 1500 x 75cl bottles/hour): 27,790 Euros
                10/1C: 10 filling nozzles + crown capper (up to 1500 x 75cl bottles/hour): 30,495 Euros

             12: 12 filling nozzles (up to 1800 x 75cl bottles/hour): 17,100 Euros

The machine is equipped as an autonomous system with conveyor, chain drive and bottle collecting table.


   Rotary filling turret for gravity filling.                         Single-head corking turret            ROPP capper

Screw and star-wheel sets for round glass bottles. Both in-feed screw and star-wheels are provided with safety micro-switches for stopping the machine with broken or fallen bottles.
Standard rotation is clockwise (left-to-right).

Bottle diameter: 50 to 105mm; maximum tolerance in bottle diameter +/-0.5mm.
Bottle height: 220 to 350mm; maximum tolerance in bottle height +/-0.5mm.

Option for different bottle diameters, 930 Euros.
Option: hot filling at up to 85 C, 1080 Euros.

The machine is equipped with all-around safety guarding according to EEC laws. Machine base-frame completely in stainless steel, while the base-plate is covered by stainless steel sheet. Components that for technical reasons can't be made in stainless steel have been specially treated for long-life.

Mechanical speed change by variable pulley.

Machine is normally supplied without chain and without conveyor chain drive to be installed in bottling line.
Conveyor chain frame size 100xH.100mm pre-disposed for stainless steel chain W.82.5mm.
Conveyor height from floor, 1050 mm.

Standard Voltage: 3.8 kWatt 380 Volt 3-phase, controls are 24 Volts.
A 6 bar compressed air supply is needed.

Filling valves as well as all parts in contact with the filling liquid are made of stainless steel Aisi.304.
Quickly removable filling valves for cleaning and maintenance.

The minimum and maximum level inside the tank is controlled by a double probe system, providing an electric signal to the product in-feed pump.

Mechanical height adjustment of the filling turret, to fit different bottle heights.
Bottle lifting by pneumatic pistons, with return by cam.

Single-head corking turret for wine corks with sizes: 22 to 28mm diameter x 35 to 50mm high.
Automatic cork distribution from top hopper. Stainless steel distributing bowl, chute and pick-off head.
Option: vacuum filling system, 1750 Euros.

or 4-roller stainless steel ROPP capping head, with 'no cap - no roll' safety device.
Pneumatic bottle lifting. Mechanical adjustment of the turret, to fit different bottle heights.
Option: vacuum filling system, 1030 Euros.

For testing the machine, 12 bottles + 200 corks or ROPP caps of each size must be supplied.

Bottle rinsing turret integrated in front of the filler

In-feed, out-feed and collecting tables

Delivery time
: 45-60 working days from the date of the order; advance payment and all samples.

Installation and commissioning: on site installation by our engineers is not included in prices quoted. If required, the relevant charges will be: 500 Euros x 3 days plus flight and accomodation costs.

Warranty: covers any defective part for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty does not include materials which are subject to normal wear, the accidental damage caused by transportation, carelessness, unsuitable handling, improper use and any behaviour which is not compliant with the warnings indicated on the instruction manual. The replacement parts will be supplied ready to be installed.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.