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TASK - DOS10: Semi-automatic Volumetric filling machine, 3900 Euros.

Professional model, consistent accurate filling.

     For liquids, also jam, honey, sauces, cosmetics etc.
Three-ways pneumatic dosing valves with non-dripping device.
Start of the dosing cycle by foot-pedal.
Operation with compressed air, no electricity involved.
Filling at room temperature or hot-fill.

Filling volume adjustable from 10ml to 200ml, by micrometric screw.
   Option of from 2ml to 200ml @ 200 Euros extra, has highest precision at small doses.
Output: 300 to 400 containers per hour; this depends on the product, and the operator.

Larger dosing models (for example up to 700ml) are also available.

The filling pipe would be made to fit the particular bottles/containers.
The stainless steel plate for positioning the container on, is adjustable in height.
The height of the support legs can be made for a particular bottle/container height.
Dosing cylinder in stainless steel.
Stainless steel conical hopper, capacity 15 litres.
Mirror-like polished surfaces.

Seals made in teflon for use with food products.
Suitable for hot water or steam sterilisation.
All the components (dosing valve, filling pipe, hopper etc) are connected by DIN-thread fittings, so are easy to dismantle for cleaning and inspection.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.