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  An article about crushing and de-stemming.

  Simple manual crusher for grapes and berries:-

 101108734  40 x 40 cm hopper, aluminium serrated rollers, without claws, 192.00


With these models you can adjust the gap between the rollers, a couple of nuts have to be undone and one roller slid outwards before re-tightening. If you open up the gap then you have less crushing. It all depends on the size of the berries and how easily they come off the stalks, this varies with grape variety and ripeness. If the berries are hard to remove then you will need to tilt the crusher/de-stemmer (e.g. with a block of wood under the outlet end) so that it takes longer to push the bunches 'uphill'. The stalks fall out at the end, ideally there should be a bin to collect these. Unripe berries are best dispensed with, but it is possible to put stalks back through the machine if you feel there are good berries still on.

Hand operated:-

     I-1000  Crusher/De-stemmer - throughput up to 600 kilos/hour. Ribbed aluminium crushing rollers, painted metal frame, hopper and beater-paddles, stainless steel cage with 15 mm diameter holes, weighs about 40 kilos, 398.00

Stainless steel cages with different diameter holes are available for other fruit:-
  11 mm diameter, for elderberries, 72.00
  22 mm diameter for small fruits, rowan berries, currants, 51.00

  A separate stand is available for this model or the I-1500 below, painted steel, 142.00

or  Motor driven:-   Please note that with any motor driven de-stemmer it is a Health & Safety requirement that the machine is raised sufficiently high above floor level that the operator cannot reach over the top and touch the moving parts.

         I-1500  Crusher/De-stemmer, 620.00
Throughput up to 1500 kilos/hour, 230 volt motor, star-shaped rubber crushing rollers, stainless steel cage, powder coated steel frame and hopper, also a tall hopper extension which is not shown in the photograph.  advice for use

  I-1500-SS Crusher/De-stemmer, 1029.00
Throughput up to 1500 kilos/hour, 230 or 380 volt motor, star-shaped rubber crushing rollers, stainless steel cage, frame and hopper, also a tall hopper extension which is not shown in the photograph.

With the above de-stemmers the berries drop down from the bottom of the de-stemmer, so must be positioned directly over a press, or over a collecting bin, or over a hopper with auger.

  De-stemmer/Crushers, floor standing, motor driven:-


I-1500-FS De-stemmer/Crusher - painted steel, throughput up to 1500 kilos/hour,
               230 or 380 volt motor, 1.0 kWatt, built-in 'mash-pump', 1040 Euros

I-2000-FS De-stemmer/Crusher - stainless steel, throughput up to 2000 kilos/hour,
              230 or 380 volt motor, 1.5 kWatt, built-in 'mash-pump', 1425 Euros

I-3000-FS De-stemmer/Crusher - stainless steel, throughput up to 3000 kilos/hour,
              230 or 380 volt motor, 2.0 kWatt, built-in 'mash-pump', 127 x 75 x 137 cm high, 1620 Euros

optional star-shaped rubber crushing rollers, 85 Euros extra.

Rebel-30: De-stemmer/Crusher without mash pump, throughput up to 3000 kilos/hour, 3495 Euros:-


With fixed stainless steel cage and stainless steel beater-paddles, mash collection tank with central outlet; a large rubber impeller pump or eccentric screw pump is required to move the mash into a press or tank; this is much gentler on the berries than is the built-in 'mash-pump' of cheaper models.
With adjustable (0 to 25 mm gap) star-shape rubber rollers.

Easy to clean by means of a hinged-opening; no need to remove belts or chains. 2HP (1.5 kWatt) motor.
Made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel. 115 x 68 x 85 cm high, hopper is 54 x 90 cm, weighs 90 kilos.

or more advanced:

T.E.M. Delta 30/R: De-stemmer/Crusher without mash pump, variable speed 2000 to 3000 kilos/hour:-

with 230 volt single phase motor, 4365 Euros
option:  Nylon cage instead of stainless steel, 295 Euros extra

The Delta 30/R de-stemmer/crusher has been designed especially for small, top quality wine makers.
The machine comprises a hopper for receiving the grape bunches with an auger for transferring them to a stem removing cage, which has a beater with adjustable rubber-covered blades. After stem removal the berries fall on to two rubber rollers where gentle crushing takes place; below the rollers there is an auger for moving the crushed grapes.

The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and is controlled by a three-phase or single-phase electric motor (1.5 kWatt) with pulley speed change. It can be fitted with a low speed elliptic piston pump; 50 or 60 mm diameter outlet, to move the mash into a press or tank.
The basket, beater and must collection tub are removable for easy cleaning.
150 x 78 x 151 cm high, weighs 145 kilos.

    T.E.M. Precisa - De-stemmer/Crusher
These machines are of the latest design which allows highly accurate grape processing and easy cleaning. The standard version has a stainless steel beater with rubber coated blades.
The rotating de-stemming cage is made of stainless steel and has rounded, deep-pressed holes.

For delicate grape varieties a special Moplen plastic basket is available @ 510 Euros extra.
Removable rubber crushing rollers, 860 Euros extra.
Mash collecting tub, 460 Euros extra, with a 60mm id hose connection from the tub, to enable connection of an external large rubber-impellor pump or eccentric-screw pump.
Without the mash collecting tub a pump with low hopper and auger is required.
The beater, basket and mash collection tub are removable for easy cleaning.

The active rotary basket system, allowing adjustment of the distance of the beater from the basket, makes it possible to customise stalk removal depending on the grape variety being processed.
All models are fitted with speed change drive, the 150 and 200 models are also fitted with basket speed change drive. The beaters are rubber-coated fixed blades on the 50, 70 and 100 and with adjustable rubber blades on the 150 and 200 models. Adjustable blades can be fitted on all models, as an option.
The standard basket is made of stainless steel and on request Moplen (for 50, 70 and 100 models), also on request it is possible to have different perforation sizes of the stainless steel basket. The rubber rollers are mobile and adjustable and can be tilted for washing.

A very large hopper (1700 x 1200 mm top dimensions), 420 Euros extra, is available for the Precisa 50, to enable pallet-bins of grapes to be tipped directly in, using a Fork-lift-truck with a rotary forks device. I think the hopper would also fit the Precisa 70 etc.

Precisa 50
   (4000 to 5000 kilos/hour), 
                  300 - 550 rpm, 214 x 76 x 146 cm high, 250 kilos,  5390 Euros
                  2.0 kWatt, also available with single-phase 230 Volt motor for 200 Euros extra.

Precisa 70   (5000 to 7000 kilos/hour), 
                   300 - 550 rpm, 214 x 76 x 152 cm high, 390 kilos, 5975 Euros

Precisa 100 (8000 to 10,000 kilos/hour), 
                   200 - 550 rpm, 234 x 76 x 152 cm high, 420 kilos, 6480 Euros

Precisa 150 (12,000 to 15,000 kilos/hour), 
                   200 - 550 rpm, 214 x 90 x 174 cm high, 550 kilos,  Euros

Precisa 200 (17,000 to 20,000 kilos/hour), 
                   200 - 550 rpm, 231 x 90 x 174 cm high, 630 kilos,  Euros

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.