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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters, for the clarification of musts and wines, using Kieselguhr or Perlite.
With stainless steel horizontal disk screens. Dry discharge by hand:-


  model DCBL/50: 2 square metres, 7,205 Euros
            DCBL/80: 3 square metres, 8,090 Euros
            DCBL/100: 4 square metres, 9,900 Euros
            DCBL/125: 5 square metres, 12,600 Euros


or Velo: at ex-works prices.

  sizes from 2 to 30 square metres.

Dosing unit in stainless steel with dosing pump and stirrer. Adjustable dosing flow rate.
Product pump in stainless steel.
Back-lit mirrors to check the product clarity.
Residual filtering with pump through the final disc, internal (with external as an option).

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.