Winegrowers Supplies  -  Pipe screen Filters - for coarse filtration, with stainless steel slotted screens

Single Pipe screen filter:-

    DN25 connectors   

  with 0.1 mm (100 microns) or 0.25 mm (250 microns) screen, 530 Euros
     or 0.5 mm (500 microns) screen, 480 Euros

Combination Pipe screen filter: including pipes, butterfly-valves and T-pieces, DN25 connectors:-


  with two parallel 0.1 mm (100 microns) or 0.25 mm (250 microns) screens, 1599 Euros
     or two parallel 0.5 mm (500 microns) or 1.0 mm (1000 micron) screens, 1499 Euros

or the same from Voran:

Eckrohrsieb ERS25 - Pipe screen combination with DN25 connections, 1688 Euros


  643 mm long x 410 mm wide, 14.5 kilos.

Manometer (Rohrdruckmittler) DN25: 0 4 bar, 350 Euros

The manometer is useful but not essential, it is used to see the pressure in the filter. Once the filter is full the pressure will increase and you know to open up the filter and clean it.
It is important that the filter is cleaned from time to time. Experience is that the 0.25 mm (250 microns) screen has to be cleaned after 2 to 3 hours.

Screens (Spaltrohr): 0.25 mm (250 microns) is the standard 'screen' fineness, also available are 0.1 mm (100 microns), 1.0 (1000 microns) and 1.5 mm (1500 microns), 237 Euros each.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.