Winegrowers Supplies  -  Equipment for wine and cider making, fruit processing, brewing beer and distillation

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Harvesting equipment and Refractometers

Grape: de-stemmer/crushers (and crusher/de-stemmers)

Presses: for crushed grapes or milled apples and other fruit and vegetables:-

          Hydro-presses: water powered vertical 'basket presses' (from 20 to 230 litres)

          traditional basket presses (from 10 to 480 litres)

          large horizontal grape presses (500 litres to 5000 litres)

            collection troughs for mash, pommace or juice

            hopper with auger to pump mash from a grape de-stemmer (or a mill) into a press or tank

Apples and other fruit and vegetables:

          mills and washer/elevator/mills

          Pack presses (and replacement racks and cloths),

          Belt presses, with associated equipment,
             special horizontal pneumatic presses for apples, raspberries, strawberries, and other soft fruit

         and for coarse filtering juice, immediately after pressing:-
             pipe-screen filters or self-cleaning filters

         and for very large processors: box-pallet bin tippers  apple washers  and sorting conveyors
             the complete Niko fruit processing system

Malt mill for small brewers

Tanks - stainless steel:-

         cylindrical variable capacity (always full)
              or fixed capacity, with ZERO Pressure Controller for automatically supplying CO2 to the airspace at the top of a tank.
                             or rectangular tanks for saving space in the winery,
                                all with optional external cooling jackets,
                                 or clamp on cooling jackets for adding to existing tanks,
                             or internal snakes, plates or coils for cooling or heating
                                 also chillers and heat exchangers,
                                    and electrical warmers to heat juice or wine.

             Kannes for liqueur/distilled-wine storage (up to 100 litres)

             cylindro-conical tanks for brewing beer, also wort aerators
              2 bar pressure tanks for brewing beer etc
              3 bar pressure tanks for brewing beer etc
              6 bar pressure tanks (autoclaves) for the Charmat process

             mixing tanks for adding sugar and blending

             for red wine: an automatic treading system for variable capacity tanks
                      or fermenters with built-in pump-over or automatic treading.

         polythene tanks and glass carbuoys

         oak barriques and fermenters, toasted oak chips, silicone bungs etc

Air-locks and bungs
Valves, hose-connectors and racking pipes
Hose and hose-clips

Pumps: simple pumps (centrifugal type)
             rubber-impeller pumps
             eccentric screw pumps
             peristaltic pumps
             stainless steel impeller centrifugal pumps
             air-operated diaphragm pumps - ATEX for pumping up to 96% alcohol

Tank rousers/mixers

Testing kits/apparatus for juice, wine or cider

Winemaking materials (preservatives, yeasts and nutrients, de-acidification chemicals, fining agents)
   and weighing scales

Stills for distillation; alcohol and temperature and the danger of ignition.

Flash pasteurisers for bottling apple/fruit juice, sweet cider etc:-
          pasteurisers up to 500 litres/hour,
            and larger models with automatic temperature control (500 to 1500 litres/hour)
                                       or small-scale pasteurisers

Steam generators for sterilisation

    Sheet filters and filter sheets (20 x 20 cm, 40 x 40 cm and 60 x 60 cm)
    Cartridge filters
    Cross-flow filters

    Flotation filters - for Must clarification
    Diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) filters
    Rotary Drum filters
    Notes on filtration - to produce a 'cloudy' juice or cider

Carbonators (for dissolving carbon dioxide in cider and other 'sparkling' drinks)

Internal bottle rinsers/sterilisers air-blowers and drainers

The Enolmatic single-nozzle vacuum filler, and Tandem cartridge filter, also ideal for bottling spirits/liquers and oils
        or the four-nozzle Enolmaster

Manual gravity bottle fillers with optional Bag-in-box filling outlet

        and stainless steel tables

Bag in boxes and 3 litre Pouches and semi-automatic Bib fillers

Automatic in line bottling:-
       bottle pre-rinser
       bottle filler integrated with corker or ROPP capper or crown capper (26 mm caps for beer bottles)
                                                       or separate in-line crown capper
       in-feed, out-feed and collecting tables

Isobaric counter-pressure bottle fillers (for beers and drinks containing a lot of CO2):-
       Semi-automatic - into bottles and kegs
       Automatic - integrated in-line with crown capper etc
       In-line Isobaric can filler and seamer, for carbonated drinks

Volumetric filler for liquids, also jam, honey, sauces, cosmetics etc, up to 200 ml

Sparkling Wine equipment:-
              pupitres or gyropalettes for riddling,
              neck freezing,
              corking and wire muzzlingwire muzzles,
              foil pleating

Corkers and corks

Crown cappers and crown caps (for beer or sparkling wine)

Heat-shrink capsulers and heat-shrink pvc capsules

Capsule spinners and polylaminate capsules

wax sealing equipment for bottle tops

Ropp cappers (30x60 mm and other sizes) and Ropp caps

Pneumatic cappers for plastic screw caps or twist-off caps

Stillages for bottle storage

External bottle washers

Labellers - self adhesive - semi-automatic for bottles or jars
                                     fully automatic for bottles, with optional capsuling
               or wet glue

Shrink film wrapping machines - economic alternative to packing in cartons, for large production

Tasting glasses

Vinegar production equipment

Stainless steel - information on grades and surface finishes

Rubber types and performance for seals, gaskets, impellers

All prices are exclusive of Vat. Prices are subject to fluctuation according to exchange rate or manufacturers pricing; any price change would be quoted/invoiced at receipt of order, before delivery of goods.
Please note there is a minimum order of £100 (excluding Vat); smaller orders are possible but you would need to pay £100.

Delivery: it will be necessary to charge for the cost of delivery, according to the total of goods ordered:-
              small parcels weighing up to 2 kilos @ £6.99 + Vat.
              heavier parcels (up to 30 kilos) @ £9.99 + Vat.
   Very heavy/bulky items (or glass carbuoys) will be delivered on a pallet, by tail-lift lorry @ from £40 + Vat.