Winegrowers Supplies  -  Stainless Steel 'Rectangular' fixed capacity Tanks for fermentation and storage

If these tanks are not full then, to prevent oxidation, you need to put a 'blanket layer' of CO2 gas (from a cylinder) over the liquid; CO2 is heavier than air.

I can supply a ZERO Pressure Controller for automatically supplying CO2 to the airspace at the top of a tank.

Rectangular tanks are considerably more expensive than normal cylindrical tanks, but if you have limited space in your cellar then they can be the best choice.
Available as single tanks, also stacking or compound; compound appearing like a single tank but with an intermediate partition.

From Slovenia: excellent quality and value:-


           Compound tanks: 

shaped bottom with V-channel to DN40 final drain outlet, DN40 racking outlet, two butterfly-valves (or ball-valves) DN40 female to DN40 male, DN20 sample valve,
four legs, man-way door (oval 440 mm x 310 mm, or rectangular for red wine), level/sight gauge, and connection for optional thermometer,
DN50 fitting with pressure-relief air-lock at top, the top surface is AISI 316 higher grade stainless steel.

Prices on request to include all the above fittings.

Viton seals, for storing high % alcohol (above 45%), price on request.
All in AISI 316 higher grade stainless steel, price on request.

Speidel: made in Germany, from 950 to 7200 litres.

Type RS-MO (base tank) and RA-MO which stacks on top of the RS-MO:-

Tank shell and tank bottom 1.4301 (V2A)
Tank roof 1.4404 (V4A), marbled finish outside

Standard Equipment:-

Dome shape tank roof with slope for complete filling and venting
A shaped neck with filling connection and vent pipe male thread DN50
Lifting eyes
Base tank from 2000 mm high has a ladder 'safety clip'
Sample tap fitting: welded-on thread connection DN10 with cap
Man-way: 420 mm x 320 mm
Clear Discharge: Reinforced plate with hole 48 mm diameter to take a Flap-valve Gr.37/70 or screw-in or welded on threaded socket DN40 or DN50
Sight/level gauge: welded on thread connection DN10

All valves and other fittings are at extra cost.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.