Winegrowers Supplies    - producing vinegar - from cider or wine

Submerged vinegar fermenters:-

The most modern technology (direct ventilation), producing the best quality within a few days.

The production process is extremely simple and fully automatic.
With this process the alcoholic liquid becomes acidic - by means of special vinegar bacteria.

Very clean fermentation (oxidation) in the shortest time, with good aroma retention.
Stainless steel tank, electrical heating, with electronic control, low energy consumption.
With controllable turning and controllable aeration.
Optional electronic regulated cooling.

      20 litres,  4,700 Euros
    120 litres, 12,950 Euros
    250 litres, 16,235 Euros
    500 litres, 19,500 Euros

    600 litres FAST, 31,500 Euros
  1000 litres FAST, 47,000 Euros

Acidity test kit, 256 Euros
Ebullioscope, 540 Euros

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.