Winegrowers Supplies  -  producing vinegar - from cider or wine

Simple equipment: a basic version of the expensive automatic system below.


 Glass container:-

    5 litres 32.00
   10 litres 40.00
   15 litres 47.00
   20 litres 51.00

 Bacteria 100ml, 12.00

 Aerometer for Vinegar, 0 75%, 49.50

This can be used with any alcoholic liquid (e.g. cider, red or white wine) having about 5 to 10 % alcohol by volume.
It is very important that you have no sulphites in the liquid.

Put the alcoholic liquid into the glass container, together with the bacteria.
Shake the contents every day to aerate (bring oxygen into) the liquid, or use a small air pump as used for aquariums for oxygenation.
Keep the liquid at about 25 to 28C; you can use a small electric warmer for aquariums to maintain the temperature.

After the liquid has transformed into vinegar (measured with the Aerometer), 70% of it can be removed, 30% is left in the container and then filled up with more liquid; the tube in the base is used to drain off the 70%.

or an automatic system: the Acetificatore

    20 litres (produces up to  728 litres of vinegar per year), 3400 Euros
or 50 litres (produces up to 1820 litres of vinegar per year), 4800 Euros

The Acetificatore has a pump over and aeration system under controlled temperature conditions, it works continuously.
You start with 20 or 50 litres of cider or wine and after one week the equipment has transformed the cider/wine into vinegar, 70% of this can now be removed, 30% must remain in the Acetificatore and be filled up with more cider/wine.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.