Winegrowers Supplies  -  Sekt-Klar - a highly efficient riddling aid, used in bottle fermentation

Product Description:

A reliable adsorbent and clarifier with high sedimentation capacities for optimal bottle fermentation of sparkling wine. Its components are based on natural silicate-containing minerals, the homogeneously prepared clarifying agents are permitted according to the laws and regulations currently in force.

Aim of Treatment:

1. Prevention of lees sticking to the bottle walls.
2. Thorough clarification.
3. Easy, unproblematic disgorging.

Product and Effect:

It provides for an excellent clarification of sparkling wine in the bottle after completion of the secondary fermentation. The application of Sekt-Klar results in a special structure of the yeast deposit which allows  the sediment to slide easily on to the cap.

Application and Dosage:

Just before bottling, after the sugar, yeast nutrient and rehydrated-yeast have been added to the wine, a dosage of 50 to 70 ml Sekt-Klar/100 litres is mixed in to the wine. Continuous rousing during bottling is required to assure an even distribution.

Storage: Reseal opened containers immediately and tightly, to protect them from foreign odours.