Winegrowers Supplies  -  apple peeler corer slicer

       5725 Euros

This is a commercial machine that can process from 70 to 100 kilos/hour. It works with apple diameters from 30 to 90mm. The machine adjusts automatically for the diameter. It cores and slices automatically.

The peeled apples have a smooth surface. The peeling knives take away the skin around the apple, the depth of peel can be adjusted according to the thickness of the skin.

The standard machine comes with one corer knife and one slicing knife. 220V or 380V, 50Hz; 60Hz models available.

The operator can fit a different corer knife for smaller apples; for apples of 60mm diameter it is recommended that the 20 mm corer is used. Available corer knives: 20 or 23 mm, 132 Euros each.

The slicing knife can be changed for different slice thickness.
Available slicing knives:-
   3.5 mm, 245 Euros
   4.5 mm, 206 Euros
   5.5 mm, 200 Euros
   7.5 mm, 190 Euros.

On this video you can see how the peeler slicer corer works:

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