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Juice extraction in a steam-juicer is ideal for berries like blackberries, elderberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and even grapes. Also for very hard fruits like sloes, crab apples and quinces. This gentle cooking by steaming enhances the flavour of these fruit juices.
The clear juice in its natural state is ideal for making jellies, or it can be added to apple juice to create a more exciting flavour.
You can also use it to pre-cook fruit for jam, or steam cook vegetables.
A cordial can be produced by steaming the fruit with sugar added. Hot bottling then preserves the cordial so you can enjoy it later, perhaps as a hot spiced drink to warm you on a winter day.

The water inside the lower pot is heated to generate steam.
The steam goes to the upper basket through a tube and cooks the fruit in there.
With juicy fruits the liquid part separates from the pulp, filters through the basket holes and is collected in the middle pot. The juice can then be run into bottles via the tube and tap, and sealed hermetically.

       Home model: about 7.7 litres capacity, only 59.50

    Professional model: 24 litres capacity, 456 Euros

        Juice strainer, 42 x 17 cm, 12.50 Euros

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