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Heat shrink capsuling machine: for pvc capsules, hand held, stainless steel body, 230 volt,
     approx 3 seconds per capsule - much faster and easier to use than bench models:-

          400 Watt model, nice light weight, 185

The temperature of the element heats to 1200 C and the stainless steel cover gets hot, so it must be laid on an inert surface (e.g. concrete) when hot.
It's very simple to use - first have all the bottles standing upright on a table/bench or floor or in moveable bins, place capsules over all of them, then plug the capsuler into an electric socket, wait (about 5 minutes) until the heating-element glows red and then (holding the handle) place the capsuler-head over each capsule in turn. You can watch the shrinking through the hole in the top of the head. An electrical extension cable is necessary if you're capsuling large numbers of bottles.

The hole in the capsuler-head is 42 mm diameter, so it fits over most bottle necks.

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