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A stainless steel housing is essential to allow steam sterilisation.
There is a procedure for back-flushing the cartridges, so they are re-useable for a very long time.

     EN models, for 750 mm high cartridges, PALL bayonet connections, with supporting legs:-

AISI 316 stainless steel, polished external and internal surfaces, up to 6 bar pressure, with DIN20 inlet/outlet valves, with tubular sight-glass and pressure gauge with relief valve.

HE1-1 one single-cartridge housing, 1583 Euros
HE2-1 two single-cartridge housings, 2912 Euros
HE3-1 three single-cartridge housings, 4241 Euros

Wheeled trolley for HE1-1, 335 Euros
Wheeled trolley for HE2-1, 380 Euros
Wheeled trolley for HE3-1, 460 Euros
Bypass for HE1-1, 1449 Euros
Bypass for HE2-1, 2 x 1153 Euros
Bypass for HE3-1, 3 x 1672 Euros

Multi-cartridge housings:-

HE1-3 for 3 carridges, 2435 Euros
HE1-5 for 5 carridges, 2955 Euros
HE1-8 for 8 carridges, 3349 Euros
HE1-12 for 12 carridges, 5406 Euros
HE1-18 for 18 carridges, 6346 Euros
HE1-24 for 24 carridges, 8154 Euros

Wheeled trolley for HE1-3, 390 Euros
Wheeled trolley for HE1-5, 390 Euros
Wheeled trolley for HE1-8, 450 Euros
Wheeled trolley for HE1-12, 570 Euros
Wheeled trolley for HE1-18, 625 Euros
Wheeled trolley for HE1-24, 685 Euros
Bypass for HE1-3, 1703 Euros
Bypass for HE1-5, 1884 Euros
Bypass for HE1-8, 1884 Euros
Bypass for HE1-12, 2370 Euros
Bypass for HE1-18, 2370 Euros
Bypass for HE1-24, 2370 Euros

Filter cartridges for intermediate filtration, PALL connection:-
Polypropylene pleated cartridge for the removal of fine solids and for the protection of final sterile filtration.
   0.6 micron, 118 Euros
   1.0 micron, 108 Euros
   2.5 micron, 103 Euros
   5.0 micron, 103 Euros

Filter cartridges for sterile filtration, PALL connection:-
Polyether sulfone pleated cartridges.
   0.20 micron, 316 Euros
   0.45 micron, 316 Euros
   0.65 micron, 316 Euros

     IND models, for code 7 bayonet, 30" high cartridges:-

These are for final sterile filtration at bottling, they remove only small amounts of material.

Housing for 1 cartridge, with upper fittings (pressure gauge and valve for bleeding), ending in DN25 female threads, 1514 Euros

Housing for 3 cartridges, with upper fittings (pressure gauge and valve for bleeding), ending in DN25 female threads, 2285 Euros

Housing for 5 cartridges, with upper fittings (pressure gauge and valve for bleeding), ending in DN25 female threads, 2770 Euros

Valves are extra, if required.

The 30" cartridges, code 7 bayonet fitting:-

   0.20 microns, 369 Euros
   0.45 microns, 236 Euros

Larger housings are available, for 8, 12, 18, 24 or 30 cartridges, prices on request.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will need to be charged at cost.