Winegrowers Supplies  -  Centrifugal pumps with stainless steel impellers


The internal diameter of the hose must be large enough so that significant turbulence does not occur in the flow:-

         20 mm internal diameter, up to 3,500 litres/hour,
         25 mm internal diameter, up to 5,470 litres/hour,
         32 mm internal diameter, up to 8,960 litres/hour,
         38 mm internal diameter, up to 12,600 litres/hour,
         50 mm internal diameter, up to 21,900 litres/hour,
         60 mm internal diameter, up to 31,500 litres/hour.

Where pump speeds are stated (litres/hour), this is the maximum, at zero pressure. The speed reduces as pump-head-height increases, typically 5000 litres/hour would reduce to 3000 litres/hour at 2.0 bar pressure.
A bypass, where specified, will allow speed to be reduced and provide pressure control.

Kiesel, made in Germany:

This new series of centrifugal pumps is made of milled stainless steel plates, grade 1.4301, polished, light weight, high corrosion resistance and long durability.
The pumps are normal suction centrifugal pumps, which have to stand below liquid level. They are supplied with a trolley or a base frame.
Connections: DIN screw threads, RJT screw threads, SMS screw threads or clamp joints are all available.

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