Winegrowers Supplies  - Juice collection and pumping equipment

  Collection bins for mash, pommace or juice

  A ready assembled unit with 100 litre tank, fitted with a full/empty detector float-switch controlling a centrifugal pump mounted on a trolley, 495 Euros.


Especially for use with belt presses but also other types of press.

The juice collection tank is placed under the outlet of the press. It is food-grade white plastic, 60 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm high.

There is a bulkhead fitting with connector to DIN25 male thread. Also a DIN25 female hose-tail connector to 25 mm hose.

The pump is a JIMG5, it's mounted on a trolley. It's a centrifugal type pump but from long experience it works very well with juice.
On the pump inlet is a 1" bsp male to DIN25 male straight connector. Then DIN25 female hose-tail connector to 25 mm hose.
On the pump outet is a 1" bsp male with 90 bend then Non-return valve and adaptor to DN25 male.

A DIN25 female hose-tail connector to 25 mm hose is then needed but this is extra cost.
Probably also needed is a hose-tail connector to connect to the receiving tank, that fitting depends on the tank, so is an extra item.

The 25 mm hose is extra, also 4 x hose-clips will be needed. You need about 1 metre of hose between tank and pump, then enough length to go to the receiving tank.

  A stainless steel juice collection unit with pump and strainer:  970 Euros


There is a coarse stainless steel grating inside the unit, which is removable for cleaning. This allows juice through but not large particles.
A fine cloth could be laid inside, in order to have a finer filtration.

The unit normally has a centrifugal pump on it, with DIN25 male thread on the outlet.
With the centrifugal pump we need to install a non-return valve if the hose is connected to a tank outlet.
Alternatively it can be supplied with a small rubber-impeller pump instead of the centrifugal pump.

  Voran juice collection, filtering and pumping: 65 litres, complete unit with 1 mm screen filter and rubber-impeller pump (1800 litres/hour, 0.37 kWatt 380 volts,
outlet thread 1" bsp male, automatically switches off when there is no juice), 2150 Euros.

or with a faster rubber-impeller pump, 3000 litres/hour, 2680 Euros.


  Spare neoprene-rubber impeller, 188 Euros.  Spare 1 mm screen, 189 Euros.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will need to be charged at cost.