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  Semi manual corker: model PL-3 CHAMPAGNA:  1750 Euros

The machine is 'assisted' by an air cylinder. Pressing down the stainless steel handle releases the air cylinder, which enables the compression of the jaws through a special mechanism and pushes the cork into the bottle.
An air compressor is required, to replenish the air cylinder; a compressor with a 50 litre tank is suggested.

For 375 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml or 1500 ml champagne bottles:
champagne cork diameter 24 to 30.5 mm, cork height up to 49 mm;
bottle diameter up to 130 mm, bottle height 260 to 390 mm.
300 to 400 champagne bottles per hour are possible.

Four hard-polythene compressing jaws, strong stainless steel frame, weighs 25 kilos.

This model can also be used to cork normal wine bottles, with cork diameters 24 to 28 mm, and up to 49 mm high.
500 to 600 wine bottles per hour are possible.

    A video of it in use.

You can see the shape of the cork after insertion. To apply the wire muzzle and fully form the mushroom shape, needs some pressure down on top of the cork.
I recommend this bench mounted wire muselet tightener that presses down on the cork.

or for Magnum bottles, there is the model PL-3M CHAMPAGNA: 2300 Euros

  Champagne corks

  When placing the cork in the jaws, the 'best end' of the cork should be at the bottom, that's the end that will be in contact with the wine.
  Initially the stainless steel rod will not be in the centre of the cork, because two of the jaws only move slightly, the other two jaws move inwards to compress the cork.
    The top of the cork should be at the same level as the top of white jaws', then pull down the manual handle.
    Then press the button on the left hand side to activate the pneumatic cylinder, which then closes the jaws and pushes down on the centre of the cork.

  Some photos of this:


  Hand operated wire muselet tighteners



Corking and wire-muzzling 'monobloc', 7780 Euros

Powered by electricity (380 Volts, 1200 Watts) and compressed air.
Bottles of 0.375, 0.75 and 1.5 litres.
Start of operation by pressing two buttons,
   with pneumatic bottle lifting.
Manual cork loading into top of small column hopper,
   option of multi-row cork charger @ 275 Euros extra.
Compression jaws in rectified tempered steel.
Output: up to 500 bottles/hour.
Made in stainless steel, mounted on wheels.

Wire muzzling operation by two push-buttons, pneumatic bottle lifting and pneumatic wire-muzzle closing.

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