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26 mm crown caps for cider or beer, without plastic bidules; gold, green, red or black, bag of 100 for 1.65

29 mm crown caps with plastic bidules (for 'champagne' bottles); gold, green, red or black, bag of 200 for only 9.35

Grifo: high quality hand operated capper with heads for 26 mm (beer) and 29 mm ('champagne') crown caps, weighs 9 kilos, 149

Someone who bought a Grifo from me, told me that he had capped 65,000 bottles in a year, the cog was starting to wear, so he bought another!

or a hobby model:

   for 26 mm (beer) and 29 mm ('champagne') crown caps, 35.50

IND-400: semi-automatic machine for applying crown caps, 890 Euros

Up to about 400 bottles/hour. The crown cap is placed on the bottle by hand.
Operated by two side push buttons, in accordance with CE standards.

Note: they may not be powerful enough to apply crown caps which are made in stainless steel.


In stainless steel, with 2 different heads for crown caps 26 mm (beer) and 29 mm (Sparkling wine).
Bottles from 0.375 to 1 litre + a special extension for 330 ml beer. A compressed air supply is required.
Weight: 20 kilos. Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 600 mm high.


Kompakt-700A:  a semi-automatic machine, fitted with an automatic cap distributor with a vibrating hopper, 7120 Euros

Designed for long term regular professional use, at 600 to 700 bottle/hour.

With a stainless steel cap loading channel and a hardened steel clamping head, for one size of cap (either 26 mm or 29 mm).
An additional clamping head is available for the second size cap, 380 Euros.

The capping cycle is started with two push-buttons. The closing unit pulls a cap out of the channel and places it in the clamping cone.

Dimensions: 410 mm x 410 mm x 1960 mm (high); 2460 mm with the automatic cap distributer hopper.
Mounted on a stainless steel base with wheels.
Weight about 80 kilos, or 140 kilos with the automatic hopper.
Maximum diameter of the bottles 220 mm, maximum height 500 mm.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.