Winegrowers Supplies  -  Wax sealing equipment for bottles - two different models

For applying a small wax seal just on one surface:-   245.00

It has a double wall container with heating elements inside the double wall. There is an electric cable through the handle, you can't see this in the photograph.
There is a separate stand to place it on, when warming up and cooling down. The container holds about 150 ml of wax.

The 'dosing device' opens a valve in the centre of the conical bottom; the control lever is operated by thumb, the longer you keep it open, the more wax will come out.
The blob of hot wax can be placed on the top of the bottle over the cork, or on the shoulder or the side of the bottle.
Then while the wax is hot, you impress your logo/seal in the wax using a 'stamp', usually made from brass.

Seal diameter and approximate weight of wax needed:-
      15 mm ca. 0.8 gram
      20 mm ca. 1.0 gram
      25 mm ca. 1.5 gram
      30 mm ca. 2.0 gram
      35 mm ca. 2.5 gram
      40 mm ca. 3.5 gram
      50 mm ca. 5.0 gram

or for applying a wax coating over the top and neck of the bottle:-


Wax is placed in the pan and is warmed by the heater; 500 Watt, 230 volts, the temperature is adjustable. The pan holds about 300 grams of wax.
The bottle is held upside down and dipped into the wax, to the desired depth.

  Wax: 12.00 per kilo

The wax is made from calcium carbonate. It has very good adhesion to glass and other materials. It has a fine texture, low flexibility, high density and a glossy finish.
Working temperature is between 95C and 120C, never over 155C.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.